How To Connect More Strongly With Others

April 26, 2017 • Rehack Team


Have you ever had days when you just didn’t want to talk to anyone? When the effort of figuring out how to connect with others seems too great? This happens to a lot of people, but, for the most part, they don’t talk about it because social interaction is difficult already. Thinking about how to connect with others can be frustrating when you don’t feel like you communicate well.

If you’ve ever been in an emotional slump, you need to know that there is hope. There are a multitude of ways to connect and communicate with those around you when you’re feeling antisocial. Learning how to connect with others will help you navigate the troubling waters you’re currently floating in.

With a little effort, you can pull yourself out of the funk and into the sunshine.

Know You Aren’t the Center of the Universe

This may seem a bit hostile, but it’s relieving when you stop and think about it. Many times, you may be down in the dumps and feeling antisocial because you think there’s a spotlight on you. It seems to burn extra bright, and you believe every little thing you do is seen by everyone. The truth is, most people don’t notice you.

Take it as a compliment. This frees up your mind and relieves the pressure of saying the right thing or making the right move all the time.

Break a Smile

Don’t smile for the people around you — smile for yourself because it wakes up the happy part of your brain. For reals. Smiling has amazing effects on your mind and body. It pays to work those muscles around your mouth. When you smile, you turn your day around. Not only can you brighten someone else’s day by smiling at them, but you build better social relationships through smiles.

Smiling makes you personable. It establishes a connection with almost anyone you see. All ages and races understand what a smile is. It will help break you out of your antisocial mood and get you on the road to happiness.

Laugh at Yourself

If you’re having difficulty talking to people and are trying to lift yourself out of an antisocial mood, it’s best to try and laugh. Specifically, laugh at yourself. We all take ourselves too seriously sometimes. It can seem almost mean-spirited if you stop and listen to your thoughts and the way you’re probably talking to yourself.

It’s difficult to laugh at yourself when you are in a bad mood, but there are things you simply have to laugh at. Spill a cup of coffee? Shake it off. Don’t ridicule every step you take — it’ll kill your mood and your confidence. Laughing, like smiling, will cheer you up and get you to open up to people. After all, people were born to laugh.

Talk With a Friend

Socializing with coworkers or others outside your social circle may be extremely difficult if you’re feeling antisocial. To help alleviate this stress, it’s best to talk with a friend. You can talk about anything. The weather, television or even your feelings. Talking with a friend will give your socializing skills some practice while also keeping you in a safe environment.

Friendship is important in life, so telling the truth about your feelings to a friend will only strengthen the bond.

Create Art

Sometimes, talking is even a task you may not be up to. If this is the case, create something. Write down your feelings in a journal, write a poem — getting your feelings out in the process — or even create a work of art. Nobody has to see it unless you want them to.

Creating any kind of art is a cathartic act and relieves the stress pent up in your body and mind. If you’re feeling antisocial, this tip can truly help you get your feelings out and open a channel of communication between you and the rest of the world.

Feeling antisocial doesn’t mean you have to wall yourself up — it just means you need to practice being social to find that connection between yourself and those around you. Treat connecting with the world around you like any other thing you practice — shooting hoops or yoga — each repetition gets you a little closer to being at ease with others.