How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

March 23, 2023 • April Miller


Gaming has become such a popular genre on YouTube that you might be wondering how to start a YouTube gaming channel — and for a good reason. Some of the highest earners took home around $10 million a year in 2019, with some making as much as $14 million. If you can make it big, you can start earning enough cash to keep doing what you love for a long time. But how do you get things rolling?

Here is a look at what you need to do to start a YouTube gaming channel. Heads up — there’s more to the process than just setting up a screen recorder if you want to find a loyal subscriber base.

What You Need for Your Setup

First things first, you will need a decent setup to get the best performance. While investing a lot at the moment is not necessary, having a bit of nicer equipment can improve the experience for you and your viewers. To start, your computer will need to be up to snuff.

All of the specs on your computer can affect the performance of the games you’re running. The graphics processing unit is perhaps one of the most critical parts, as it can improve or dampen your game’s resolution. You’ll also need to make sure the computer can run fast enough to avoid lagging and extensive loading times, as well as a functioning keyboard, mouse and any necessary controllers.

Next, you’ll need to find good audio and video recording software. Some may be more expensive, so be sure to look at reviews and testimonials to determine what bells and whistles you really need. Your computer may already have an audio-recording program that will suffice, but screen-capturing software is an absolute must.

You also naturally need a great microphone when you’re learning how to start a YouTube gaming channel. The mic will pick up all of the commentary that sets you apart from other YouTubers. However, poor microphone quality can make your vocals sound watery or as if there is a buzzing sound in your recording room. Luckily, there are some affordable recording mics you can grab if you don’t already have one.

Some YouTubers and streamers also like to include lights in the background if they’re using a facecam. While neither of these elements is necessary, feel free to have them if they sound appealing to you.

Promoting Your Channel

If you want to grow and develop your channel, you could simply rely on organic growth. However — in today’s social-influenced world — it does a great deal to promote yourself. Posting about your channel, interacting with your subscribers and advertising your content is an essential part of how to start a YouTube gaming channel.

The most straightforward way to do this is to create different social media accounts and post regularly on them. These are simple ways to keep up a rapport with your followers and ask them what they would like to see from you. Posts act as both mini-advertisements and make your channel feel more connected to its watchers.

Using unique thumbnails can also help your video stand out. Instead of letting YouTube select a clip to serve as the welcome mat for your content, create your own exciting or visually-appealing one to entice people into watching.

It may also be beneficial to find friends within the community and record collaborative videos. Doing so can help out both of your channels. Their subscribers can get a taste of what your content is like and vice versa. Plus, it’s just fun to watch two people having fun playing a game they love together. The special content could do wonders for the two of you.

Starting Your Own YouTube Gaming Channel

If gaming is your passion, you could consider launching your own YouTube gaming platform. It’s a great way to spread your love for your favorite games and potentially monetize your content in the process. Hopefully, now you have a basic outline of how to start a YouTube gaming channel.