How to Share Amazon Prime Benefits With Friends and Family

June 10, 2020 • Shannon Flynn

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If you’re wondering how to share Amazon Prime benefits, you’re not alone. Many households, friends and families love taking advantage of the shopping, shipping and digital perks of an Amazon Prime subscription.

Here’s a look at the Prime benefits that can be shared, along with a step-by-step guide for setting up an account.

Which Prime Benefits Can Friends and Family Share?

According to Amazon, the list of benefits that can be shared includes the following shopping and shipping benefits:

  • Expedited two-day Prime Shipping on all site purchases
  • Prime Now — one- and two-hour delivery for thousands of select household products
  • Food delivery through Amazon Fresh
  • Up to a 20% discount on perishable and consumable subscriptions, such as diapers, cleaning supplies, foods and, beverages and others
  • Up to 10% off select items in Whole Foods stores

Those sharing an Amazon Prime membership can also take advantage of digital benefits, including:

  • Streaming content from the Prime Video library
  • Free e-book and audiobook access through Prime Reading
  • Amazon Photo storage for up to five individuals
  • Free, early access to Amazon First Reads
  • Exclusive pricing on Amazon Music Unlimited and Kindle FreeTime Unlimited

How to Share an Amazon Prime Account With Family or Friends

Are you ready to begin sharing your Amazon Prime account or share somebody else’s? The feature that allows you to do so is called Amazon Household. It’s a direct replacement for Prime Sharing.

Creating an Amazon Household allows two adults (ages 18 and up) and up to four children (ages 12 and under) or teens (ages 13 to 17) to create separate profiles under the same account while all drawing from the same benefits.

You can access the Amazon Household creation page by starting on your personal Account page. From there, choose Shopping Programs and Rentals, and then click Amazon Household.

Here’s a quick rundown on the process:

1. Adding Teens to a Prime Account

Teens who share Amazon Prime benefits with their parents or guardians can shop independently. However, the adult accountholder must approve each purchase through a text message whenever their teen attempts to buy something. Here are the steps involved:

  1. From the Amazon Household page, choose Add a Teen.
  2. Enter the teen’s contact information.
  3. Specify which payment card and shipment address your teen can use.
  4. Set up how you’d like to receive notifications of attempted purchases.
  5. From there, your teen will receive an email with setup instructions so they can create their own login and profile under your account.

2. Adding Children to a Prime Account

Adding minors to your Prime Account follows a similar procedure but differs slightly in execution. Children cannot shop on their own. Instead, parents create a profile for each child featuring user-defined content restrictions and time limits. Here’s how:

  1. From the Amazon Household page, choose Add a Child.
  2. Enter the child’s name and select gender, birth date and avatar icon
  3. Set time limits and educational goals as desired
  4. Choose which types of content your child is allowed to access on each device

3. Adding Another Adult to a Prime Account

This wasn’t always the case, but Amazon now limits Prime account sharing to two adults. For cohabitating adults, this is ideal. However, it means you can’t sign up a handful of extended family members or random friends to partake in your account benefits.

Once you’ve created your Amazon Household, do the following:

  1. From the Amazon Household page, choose Add an Adult.
  2. Enter the adult’s Amazon Prime account name and email address if you know it, or have them follow along onscreen with you
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Each adult can choose a distinct payment card to use with purchases made under their respective accounts. Both of them can access and manage the shared games, books and apps libraries.
  5. If you need to remove this adult later, you can return to the Amazon Household page and select Manage Your Household and then Remove.

If you do remove an adult from your Amazon Household, you won’t be able to add another adult or become a member of a Household yourself for 180 days.

Sharing Amazon Prime

Now you know how to share the wealth and either give or receive the convenience of Amazon Prime benefits. Amazon has raised the price of a Prime subscription multiple times over the years, but the ability to share the benefits of membership helps justify the $119-per-year or $13-per-month price tag.