How to Overcome Loneliness While Being Single

December 13, 2018 • Rehack Team


Many people struggle with loneliness when they’re single. It can be difficult to feel satisfied when the people around you seem settled in perfect relationships.

Humans are social creatures, so it’s normal to feel lonely sometimes, regardless of relationship status. However, loneliness should never obstruct your life or your happiness. Everyone deserves to live a fulfilled life, and single people can find fulfillment from within.

These five tips are meant to help you learn how to overcome loneliness and take comfort in yourself. After all, you are the one person you’ll always have by your side.

1. Prioritize Self-Care

When you’re feeling lonely, it can be easy to abandon regular self-care. You might isolate yourself from friends, let healthy habits slip into the background or indulge in behavior that only comforts you temporarily. Though binge-watching your favorite sitcom and eating pizza can help you feel better after a breakup, extended exhaustion or isolation could indicate you need to take better care of yourself.

Even if you don’t see people every day, try to prioritize self-care. Wear your favorite outfit around the house, cook up a healthy meal and do some exercise that makes you feel good.

When you take care of your body, you take care of your mind. Working to better yourself even in small ways can help you feel confident and ready to tackle anything all by yourself.

2. Get to Know Yourself

Though romantic relationships can be great, they can also draw focus away from your own needs. When you’re single, you can bring more of your attention back to yourself.

Take this time to really get to know yourself. Take yourself on a date. Figure out your likes and dislikes. Ask yourself where you’d like to be one year from now. Celebrate your achievements and laugh about old mistakes.

If being alone makes you anxious, try to ask yourself why. Meditation, journaling and therapy could help you understand yourself and become more comfortable in your own skin. Learn to give yourself as much love as you give others.

3. Try New Things

Being single can give you an opportunity to do things you’ve never considered before, which can give you a new outlook on life and even help you meet people with similar interests.

Spend some of your alone time exploring new ways of being. For example, you could try out a new restaurant on your own, take up a new hobby or work on a project you’ve always wanted to finish.

Trying new things can help you get out of a rut and become more comfortable with yourself. Your new interests and experiences will provide excitement and give you interesting things to talk about with friends and family. You might even discover a new passion.

4. Connect With Friends

Society tends to idolize romantic relationships, emphasizing their importance over other kinds of bonds. But the love you receive from friends and family members is just as essential to living a happy life, if not more so.

When you’re single, you have more time to dedicate to your friends. Quality time spent with good friends can dispel loneliness and also be incredibly enriching.

Surround yourself with positive friends and reconnect with old contacts. Invite them to fun activities. They’ll be grateful for the chance to see you and thrilled they don’t have to do the planning.

5. Look on the Bright Side

Loneliness can be hard, but you don’t have to feel lonely just because you’re single. In fact, single people can often be surrounded by even more love than people in relationships.

As you work to overcome loneliness, try to look on the bright side of your day-to-day life. Notice seemingly insignificant relationships that enrich your world. Do you have a really nice coworker? A person you always say hi to at the bus stop? Though these connections are small, they make life so much better.

Enjoy Being Single

Being single can be an excellent opportunity to grow and discover the things that make you truly happy. You can be alone without being lonely. In fact, an independent life can be full of love and fulfillment. By using these tips, you can overcome loneliness and truly enjoy being single.