How to Organize Your Life in 7 Days

June 3, 2019 • Rehack Team


Are you unsure how to organize your life?

Sometimes people reach a point in their lives when they realize that things need to change. If you’re feeling the same way, know that there are plenty of other people looking to organize their life too.

It can seem like a big project to tackle – even impossible before you start. The key to easing into organization is to take it one day at a time. Literally.

By giving yourself daily steps to reach your organization goals, you’ll achieve your goals easily and with more confidence.

Read on to learn what you can do every day during this upcoming week to transform your life into one that’s more organized. Once you get started, learning how to organize your life will feel like the easiest thing in the world.

1. Sunday: Get Some Sleep

Are you one of those people who stay up late every night? It might be something you enjoy doing, or you might have struggled with getting to bed on time for a while now.

If you start off your week by changing your sleep schedule, you’ll find that you have more energy to tackle the rest of your lifestyle organization. How much sleep you need will depend on a variety of factors.

You’ll have to consider how old you are, how active you are every day and what kind of sleep schedule you’re used to. Even the amount of caffeine you drink every day will change how you sleep.

Determine the right number of hours you should sleep and then set an alarm to remind yourself when it’s time to go to bed.

2. Monday: Start a Morning Ritual

Morning rituals are so important for staying on track with your organization. They’ll be especially important during this first week while you’re still getting everything put together.

Your first Monday morning ritual can be something as simple as making a productivity list. Think about what you want to do during the day and write it all down so nothing is forgotten.

Future morning rituals can look similar. Write down your to-do list every morning, followed by a healthy breakfast or time spent journaling.

This ritual should only take a few minutes, but it’ll be worth it when you see how much more organized and energized you are.

3. Tuesday: Tackle the Biggest Mess

What does the disorganization look like in your life? Is it a physical thing, like piles of laundry you haven’t done yet? It could be a long task list at work that you have yet to work through.

Think about what makes the most mess in your life and try to tackle it today. You may not get it all taken care of, but the most important part is to get started.

What’s left to clean up or organized can be worked into your new morning ritual when you write down what you have to do during the day. Schedule it out over the coming week so you’re never too overwhelmed with the project.

4. Wednesday: Donate to Charity

Part of what could be making you feel disorganized is what’s laying around your home. Consider when you last donated things to charity, like sneakers you never wore or clothes you outgrew.

On Wednesday, grab things from around your home that you don’t use or need and drive them over to a donation drop-off site. The act of giving your things away will increase your self confidence and overall positivity about life.

If you’re feeling discouraged by Wednesday, donating old belongings could be the pick-me-up you need. It will only take a few minutes to fill a box and give it away.

5. Thursday: Rethink Your Habits

By Thursday, you’ll have your life cleaned up and organized a bit. Now take some time to consider how your life got to be that way. What habits do you have that encourage a messy life?

Habits like impulse shopping and procrastination will affect every part of your life. Be honest with yourself about which habits hurt your organization the most and make a game plan to replace them with better ones.

Good habits could be something like cleaning out your closet once a month or budgeting every two weeks.

6. Friday: Look at Your Calendar

It’s time to look to the future. When you get some free time on Friday, sit down with your calendar. That might be a physical planner or your laptop. Whatever you use to keep track of your schedule, it’s time to get serious.

What has happened in recent weeks that added to your disorganization? Have you been accidentally piling up too many big projects at once, or have you not planned for any at all?

Look at what’s on your calendar to see what may have been adding to your disorganization. See if you can map out the next few weeks differently. If you have to, don’t forget to pencil in your new daily activities like your morning routine.

7. Saturday: Prioritize Your Motivations

Something made you look at the disorganization in your life and want change to happen. What was that?

Your motivations for organizing your life will be what help you keep it that way. It’s essential to recognize what’s the driving force for you.

Your organization might be to help you stay ahead of the game while you’re planning a wedding or big family retreat. Or you could want more personal change in your life by altering your bad habits into good ones.

Whatever your motivations are, prioritize them. Make a goal board so they’re a visual part of your life or write them down so they’re on paper in your favorite journal. Give yourself something to go back to when life gets frustrating and your organization will always stay on track.

Try to Think Small

The biggest thing you can do while you learn how to organize your life is to think too big. You probably won’t have time to clean your house inside and out or knock out that task list at work.

Set small achievable goals for yourself and this next week will fly by. In time, you can make those goals bigger and bigger, until organizing your life becomes second nature.