Make a Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

December 19, 2018 • Rehack Team


Showing kindness to others can make you feel good and make the world a nicer place. This year, consider replacing your traditional advent calendar with a random acts of kindness advent calendar.

What Is an Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar?

A traditional advent calendar provides a fun way to count down to the holidays. Typically, people open their advent calendar every day of December until the 25th. Each day reveals a small reward, such as a piece of candy or part of a holiday picture.

A random acts of kindness advent calendar follows this basic formula, providing a different kindness challenge every day leading up to Christmas. For example, your calendar might instruct you to hold a door for someone or donate to a charity.

In contrast to a traditional advent calendar, a kindness advent uses intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation. Every nice act you perform serves as its own reward.

Why Show Kindness During the Holidays?

Though a kindness advent may not provide a direct reward for every day, there are plenty of good reasons to show kindness during the holidays.

For one thing, completing acts of kindness can help you have a stress-free holiday season. It’s easy to get tangled up in worries and consumerism during the holidays, and going out of your way to show kindness can help counter these trends, making the world a nicer place overall.

Research also suggests acting kind is good for your health. Kindness can decrease anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure and improve heart health. It could even help you live longer. In addition to the health benefits, altruism could boost your self-esteem and make you happier. So there are selfish reasons to be selfless as well.

A kindness advent provides a great opportunity to bring more positivity into your life around the holiday season, which is good for you and for others.

How Can You Make Your Advent Calendar?

If you’re ready to add some compassion back into the world, you’re in luck. Making your advent calendar of kindness is easy. Print out a December calendar and fill in the days leading up to the 25th with a pen or pencil. Give yourself one act of kindness to complete every day. If you enjoy the experience, you could consider incorporating the routine into the rest of the year as an alternative New Year’s resolution.

There are many acts of kindness you can choose from, some large and others small. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

·      Compliment a stranger.

·      Clean up litter in your neighborhood.

·      Walk dogs at your local animal shelter.

·      Donate items to a food bank.

·      Hand out gloves and scarves for homeless people in your community.

·      Leave a thank-you note and a big tip for your server.

·      Tell a loved one something you admire about them.

You could also include community volunteer opportunities on your calendar. Ultimately, feel free to choose any effort that helps make the world a better place.

Celebrate the Season With a Show of Kindness

The holiday season is a great time for giving back to the community. This year, consider celebrating with a random acts of kindness advent calendar. Whether you decide to volunteer your time or show a little extra kindness to the people you pass on the street, your actions can help make the world a nicer place to live all year long.