How to Have the Most Productive Morning Ever

October 1, 2019 • Devin Partida


Everyone has to get up in the morning, but not everyone faces the same challenges. Some people thrive getting up early. They love to get a headstart on their day and start checking things off their to-do list. Having a productive morning is a normal occurrence for them.

Other people would rather take their time getting up. You may not feel totally awake until a good hour or two has passed after you get out of bed. Whether you’re a morning person or not, you can still create a new routine to become more productive during the first part of the day.

Check out these easy tips you can accomplish before you wake up tomorrow. You’ll never have to worry about compromising your wake up routine with your to-do list.

1. Set Your Alarm Correctly

You’ve probably heard before that everyone needs to have a healthy sleep routine. It’s generally recommended that people get an average of eight hours of sleep per night, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone.

You may go to bed at midnight and feel totally refreshed after five or six hours of sleep. Maybe you like to fall asleep at nine and wake up the next morning at seven o’clock.

Spend some time thinking about recent mornings when you’ve felt totally recharged. How much sleep did you get the night before? Was that routine consistent?

Setting your alarm correctly will help you have more productive mornings because you’ll get up when your body is fully rested. Figure out your preferred sleep schedule and then make an effort to start it as your new sleep routine.

2. Try to Meditate

Meditation is a practice that’s been around for hundreds of years, but has only recently become popular in western culture. Have you ever tried to meditate after you wake up?

Take a shower or drink your coffee first if you think you may fall back asleep, but try to meditate one morning during this upcoming week.

Studies have shown that a few minutes of meditation makes you more productive. Don’t worry about finding time to go to a class if you have a busy schedule.

You can download a mindfulness app to walk you through the process of centering your mind and spirit. It may be exactly what you need to get focused on your upcoming tasks.

3. Fit in Some Exercise

If you’re not the kind of person who’s spent years with a regular gym routine, the thought of exercising in the morning may seem impossible. The good news is that even a little bit of exercise can make you more productive, which has been backed up by science.

Determine the right kind of exercise for you to do in the morning. Go for a jog, head to the gym or complete an at-home workout routine. As long as you get your heart rate up, your body will produce energizing endorphins that wake up your mind and provide all-natural energy that will boost your productivity.

4. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Think about what you normally eat for breakfast. Do you grab a sugary pastry from your pantry or whip up something on the stove? What you eat for breakfast impacts how you feel, which ultimately changes how much you get done in the morning.

Start eating breakfast every morning, even if it’s something small. Stick with the main food pyramid categories to decide which breakfast foods are the healthiest options. Whole grains and fruits are a great foundation for any breakfast, so skip the sugar tomorrow and eat something filling instead.

5. Prep the Night Before

Sometimes no matter what you do, it’s hard to get going in the morning. That’s why one of the best things you can do for your morning productivity is to prep the night before. Get your work station cleaned up before you leave the office. Update your calendar, set out what you need for breakfast or even lay out the clothes you’ll wear. Think about making a list of your daily goals, too.

A More Productive Morning Is Possible

Every little effort you make will help you have the most productive morning ever. Try out these tips to see which ones fit your morning schedule the best. You’ll find that you’re more rested, energized and ready to go when it’s time to sit down and get to work.