7 Automation Habits of Highly Productive People

September 27, 2019 • Zachary Amos


Building good habits requires consistency and patience, but depending on your lifestyle, you may lack the time. Countless people have turned to automation to achieve tasks without the hassles of overthinking or task cramming. Lengthy chores become straightforward, which leaves you more time to spend on things you enjoy. The habits of highly productive people embody convenience and efficiency. Shed your worries about daily obligations and let helpful techniques do the heavy lifting. Check below for seven areas in your life you can automate with ease.

1. Budgeting

Numerous people procrastinate on budgeting because they shudder at the thought of checking their bank accounts. However, it’s necessary for keeping your finances orderly — and luckily, you don’t have to spend all your time on it. Budgeting software like Mint, Quicken Premier and You Need a Budget track your finances by linking to your bank and credit card accounts. You receive notifications when you’ve gone over your predetermined budget, and you get access to financial management tips.

2. Scheduling Activities

Many of the most organized people keep clean, color-coded planners full of their daily activities. They complete their goals and seldom fall off track — and they solve minor setbacks in a flash. While organizing your life to this degree sounds nice, you may want a more convenient way of storing your activities than planners and paper calendars. Good news — smartphones come with built-in with calendars that sync to all your devices.

If you forget your phone at home, no worries — your Google account will still have the day’s tasks available on your work computer. Google Assistant is especially helpful for Android users, and there are tons more habit-building tools you can use from the comfort of your smartphone. Keep your appointments and meetings in one place, and never forget an important date again.

3. Meal Planning

Dealing with all your obligations can make you forget to eat or even breathe. Successful people understand that meal planning is the best way to remedy this. They lock in their daily nutrition intake a week in advance while reducing the time it takes to whip up a meal every night. Prepare your favorite food to eat for lunch all week, or create a unique dish for each day. Services like Eat This Much save the stress over deciding what to cook by giving you complete meal plans based on your budget and tastes.

That’s only one of numerous automation life hacks, however. Order your groceries online and have them arrive at your door for ease like you’ve never experienced before.

4. Bill Paying

Missing payments because you forgot they were due can become a thing of the past. Automate everything from your Netflix account to your cell phone bill, all with the click of a button. No more interest fees or late charges on forgotten expenses. Pay from a credit card or use your Paypal account if you’re hesitant to hook up your bank accounts.

Need a better incentive? Automatic payments also improve your credit score. Buy your dream home in less time with improved credit.

5. File Storing

If you’ve ever dealt with a cloud service, you already have experience with automated file storage. Cloud-based programs like iCloud or Dropbox make file organizing natural by doing most of the work for you. Opt into the service and have every photo, text message or document you create automatically saved to secure folders. Access and delete them as you need and share files with others. Productive individuals often use tools like Google Drive to increase their efficiency with collaborating and sharing formation.

Use Hazel — a file organization program for Macs — to sort your files as you save them. Spare yourself long nights of poring through scattered documents.

6. Social Media Posting

If you run multiple social media accounts, you probably find it taxing to post on each one several times a day. Solve this problem by bundling your accounts into one. Hootsuite is a popular platform for creating and sharing social media posts on any network — and you accomplish it all within a single program. This tool works perfectly for entrepreneurs and creatives who can’t afford to hire a marketing team. Promote your artistry to the world without breaking the bank.

7. Replying to Emails

You send email after email to your bosses and colleagues, and the messages keep coming. Productive individuals make a habit of automating this process to avoid wasting the day answering questions. Your approach doesn’t have to be impersonal, however. Gmail offers an automated messaging service that suggests phrases after any email. Select and personalize one that fits your needs, or send it off as is.

This feature eliminates the stress of brainstorming answers to emails that only require a short response. Reduce the hours you spend on emailing and redirect your energy to more productive tasks.

Take Control of Your Life

Revamping your productivity levels can be a breeze. Take notes on the automation habits of super-productive people and see how they improve their lives with the click of a button.