Being More Productive Is As Simple As A Positivity Boost

August 12, 2014 • Rehack Team


You don’t have to wake up every morning singing “Zippity Doo Dah” to be more productive. But even if you’re not a natural optimist, making small changes to your daily routine and your life outlook can help you with time management.

Here are nine ways that adjusting your attitude can lead to being more productive.

1. Increase Your Confidence

Have you ever noticed that thinking negative thoughts can take a toll on your productivity? When you are faced with a tough task and you think “I can’t do that,” chances are you’ll struggle to get it done. But if you approach something with confidence, thinking, “I am capable of great things,” you’ll believe the little voice in your head and knock-out the project in no time.

2. Pump Up Your Energy Levels

A positive attitude can have the same effect as exercise or caffeine, giving you an energy surge that leads to being more productive. When you shed the negative thoughts that are holding you back, it’s almost like removing a physical weight. You will feel lighter and more energetic immediately, allowing you to get more things accomplished.

3. Manage Stress

When you use positive self-talk by telling yourself that you can accomplish hard things — and cutting off negative thoughts immediately with positive ones — you’ll decrease your stress levels. Positive thinking is immensely beneficial to stress management, resulting in lower rates of depression and a longer life span, two things that will help your productivity.

Likewise, eliminating chaos with organization will help you stay motivated, less anxious and on track with the task at hand.

4. Fight Illness

People who engage in positive self-talk get fewer colds than those who do not. When you’re healthy, you’re much more productive than when you’re battling congestion and sore throats. Doctors theorize that people with positive attitudes tend to engage in a more healthy lifestyle, which keeps illnesses at bay.

5. Build a Strong Team

When you have to work with other people to get a job done, would you rather be on the same team as Debbie Downer or Suzy Sunshine? The answer is pretty obvious. When you have a positive attitude, you’ll help foster a can-do attitude on your team that will lead to greater cooperation. Your project will get done more quickly, which frees up time to move on to other work.

6. Solve Problems

When you have a positive attitude, you spend less time lamenting problems and more time figuring out how to fix them. Getting your problems solved will free up much more time to tackle other things in your life that must be addressed. It’s a smart way to become more proactive.

7. Improve Results

A great attitude can be the difference between a job well done and a job that’s just, well, done. Research has shown that you can actually build skills with the right attitude. You are more likely to absorb information when you are bathed in joy.

8. Strengthen Relationships

We can only be truly productive people when we are happy, and one way to be happy is to strengthen personal relationships. Making good friends a part of your daily life helps decrease stress, build immunity and improve your quality of life. One way to do this? Employ a positive aura. If you put up walls and act defensively when you meet new people, you’ll never get close to others.

9. Be Realistic

No one is saying that being positive means thinking everything is the best ever and that there is no bad news. On the contrary; it’s about being realistic but not looking at setbacks or problems as immovable barriers. Believe that there’s a solution for every problem, and you’ll be well on your way to a more positive attitude and being more productive.

Being More Productive Is the Result of a Positive Mindset

Maintaining a positive outlook can help you achieve everything you set out to do. Focus on creating joy in your life — through teamwork, organization, confidence-building and problem-solving — to get more done within your day.