Holiday Gift Guide: Best Mini Drones of 2021 Under $200

December 23, 2020 • Shannon Flynn


The best mini drones of the year are perfect holiday gifts for tech fans! The holidays are here. It’s the time when shopping amps up, and you try to find the best gifts out there. One area you can’t go wrong is with drones. 2020 saw major growth for these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). If you’re looking for cost-effective gifts, the best mini drone models of 2020 are sure to blow everyone away. 

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Ryze Tech Tello

woman holding hovering Ryze Tech Tello drone

When it comes to finding the best mini drone for the holiday season, the Ryze Tech Tello is a great deal. This tiny drone only weighs 0.18 pounds, which makes it a lot of fun to fly down low or up high. The camera on this drone will stream in 5MP or 720p right to your smartphone. 

At its maximum range, the Ryze Tech Tello can go up to 100 meters away. However, it’s ideal for anyone looking to have some soaring, close-range fun. The controls are responsive and easy to adapt to. This drone gives you a flight time of 13 minutes before needing to charge.

EMAX Tinyhawk 2

EMAX Tinyhawk 2 drone in red and purple hues

This mini drone has a unique name and a just as funky design. The white and orange colors stand out and compliment the EMAX Tinyhawk 2’s capabilities. Able to reach high speeds, this drone is acrobatic. You’ll be able to perform all the tricks and maneuvers with the controls. 

The Tinyhawk 2 builds on its predecessor’s innovations. It’s faster, has better camera quality and will fly for a longer period of time. This drone is ideal for anyone just getting started or who simply wants to just play around.

Potensic D58

Potensic D58 drone with controller and phone attached

The best mini drone you can find will be for beginners and professionals, and the Potensic D58 fits those needs. At the top of the drone game, it’s powerful and has all the latest technology, not to mention its design is sleek and aerodynamic. In the air, this drone will last 36 minutes total and will fly over large plots of land.

This camera shoots with 2K quality and has a wide 120-degree scope, taking in the whole landscape around it. With both 5G and Wi-Fi capabilities, the Potensic D58 is soaring ahead of the competition, all for under $200. As a bonus, you can have the drone follow you or orbit around you automatically!


SIMREX X11 black and gray drone with camera

The SIMREX X11 model has all you could need and more in a drone. You’ll be able to control this high-power drone with remote controls and stream its astounding 1080p camera and video feed from the 108-degree field-of-view.

The SIMREX X11 has Wi-Fi connectivity, too, which puts it on par with the top models on the market. The 500-meter range and 22-minute flight time are professional-grade. Then, if you need to find it quickly, use the GPS location tracker. As a bonus, this drone has an auto-return option when it’s time to charge.


SNAPTAIN S5C mini drone with blue and red lights

Part of what makes mini drones so powerful is their user-friendly nature. The SNAPTAIN S5C builds on that user-friendliness and offers easy controls and straightforward instructions. Its 360-degree mobility lets you do all sorts of cool tricks in the air. 

Clips your smartphone right to the controller so you can fly the drone and watch its video stream in up to 1080p. Then, you can have it hover in the air, or trace a direction from your smartphone controls and watch the drone fly exactly how you tell it to.

Holy Stone HS110D

Black Holy Stone HS110D drone with controller remote

With a wide 120-degree field of view that captures pictures and videos in 1080p, the Holy Stone HS110D makes for an ideal gift. Similar to the SNAPTAIN drone, you can control this one from the remote that you’ll receive with purchase as well as from your smartphone.

With voice control, gravity sensors, Wi-Fi capabilities and a 20-minute flight time, the Holy Stone HS110D compiles all the best features from mini drones into one dynamic model. Post your phones and videos right to social media!

Flying Through the Holidays With the Best Mini Drones

These are the best mini drones on the market — if you’re looking to wow your friends and family with unique gifts, these are the best investments. Drones have seen developments and innovations in the past year like never before. From their high-definition cameras to their fun and free nature, you can’t go wrong with mini drones this holiday season!