Attention Span Tests Can Improve Your Focus

March 3, 2018 • Zachary Amos


People’s attention spans have become short enough to be the butt of multiple jokes. With the rise of social media and technology, it’s common for older generations to mock younger people for their inability to pass an attention span test.

Anyone under age 30 is supposed to crave Vine-length entertainment and instant gratification, whereas older folks consider themselves better off for reading books and enjoying a nice walk in the evenings.

The truth is, the human attention span has always been short, regardless of the presence of technology or attention span tests. It’s why everyone has favorite hobbies and pastimes.

People have been trying to expand their ability to focus since the dawn of time. Our ancestors’ ability to focus for long periods ensured the survival of humanity, because it meant they kept up with what was important. It just so happens now everyone does that by staying connected online.

Switching websites and apps all day long might still make you feel like your attention span is too short, or make you worry you’re not able to focus for as long as you should. What do you do if you need to hone that skill?

Think of the brain as a muscle. You can train it to focus better if you practice and give yourself time. Here are four good reasons to do easy attention span tests to improve your focus, so you can do better at whatever you want to accomplish.

1. They Teach You How to Refocus

It’s easy to focus so hard on being focused that you forget how to get there. Compare it to knowing where you’re driving, but not remembering what roads to take. When you take a good attention span test, you learn more about how your brain works so you can use it effectively.

2. You Learn About Yourself

Your personality plays a role in your ability to focus, too. Detail-oriented people who are always finding typos and color-coordinating their calendars will have less of a focusing issue than those who don’t organize or think ahead.

If you’ve never taken a personality test, an attention span quiz could help you understand your place on that spectrum. Learning what kind of personality you have might motivate you the next time you find yourself struggling with your attention span. Then, you can try the right mental focus challenge for you!

3. You’ll Understand the Science

Sometimes you can’t seem to focus even though there are no distractions around you, and there’s an explanation behind that, too.

If you take an attention span quiz, you’ll learn about the science behind learning to focus, and why emotional distractions take an even greater toll on the mind than auditory or visual ones.

The test will remind you to reflect on what’s going on in your mind, so you can sort things out and get back to work.

4. You’ll Get Coping Tools

Think about what you want to pay more attention to. You may think of several answers, which is why there are four types of attention to consider.

You can read an explanation of each type, and figure out which skills are your strongest and weakest. You may then take a test to determine how to improve on the specific type you’d like to work on.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you struggle with your ability to focus. There are many reasons that might be an issue for you, and it’s different for everyone.

An attention span test will help determine the root of your distraction and provide ways for you to overcome it. They’re worth a try! You might get the answers you’re looking for and the advice you need.