Easy Ways to Decrease Your Stress Levels

August 4, 2017 • Shannon Flynn


Stress — it’s just a part of life. Everyone gets caught up in it at some point, and no one enjoys dealing with it, but it can be hard to decrease your stress levels. Part of the problem is stress affects everyone differently. For some people, stress interrupts their sleep, but they can drink some coffee in the morning and be fine.

For others, stress can be debilitating, and when you don’t know how to decrease your stress, it can affect everything from how you feel to how you think about yourself.

Do you know how to decrease your stress? Sometimes it’s a process that’s as easy to figure out as deciding what makes you happy and then doing that. Other times, it takes a bit of practice.

Try some different, proven methods to reduce your stress and see if they make a difference.

Listen to Music to Bust Tension

Decrease your stress with a way that’s well-known to make people happier, the act of listening to music. If you don’t have a lot of music, try searching for playlists online. Almost every site that gives people access to music is guaranteed to list playlists for different purposes. Many of them are categorized by mood, so spend some time searching for a “stress relief playlist” and see what you find.

Meditate to Alleviate Anxiety

Everyone knows meditation helps relieve your stress, but it can come down to which techniques you practice that make you see how much mediation can actually help manage your stress. Harvard physician Herbert Benson invented an approach in the 1970s that only requires you to sit for a period of time with no distractions and focus on a chosen word or phrase. Try it out for yourself.

Eat Right to Boost Your Immune System

Getting stressed and eating comfort foods may seem appealing, but your favorite high-fat snacks inhibit you from dealing with stress. Eating right can help you now and in the future, depending on the kind of stress you deal with. You can balance out momentary stress with carbs, which produce serotonin. Chronic stress will hurt your immune system, so eat lots of fruits and vegetables to keep it strong.

Exercise to Reduce Fatigue

What can seem to most to be the fastest fix for an overwhelming amount of stress is exercise, and they aren’t wrong. Engaging in cardio, whether it’s daily or sporadic, reduces fatigue, improves concentration and enhances your cognitive functions. Maybe it’s time to throw on those tennis shoes and go for a jog.

Chew Gum to Release Energy

Chewing gum may be your cheapest option to decrease your stress levels, since you can buy a pack for less than a dollar at the grocery store. The act of chewing relieves stress by letting go of extra tension and energy the body has stored up by contracting the jaw muscles. Just don’t go popping any gum bubbles in anyone’s face at work.

Hang Out With Your Pet to Get an Instant Boost

Whether you have a dog, cat, fish or other small animal, you’re in luck. Being around any kind of animal actually decreases blood pressure, which is a way you can physically measure your stress. If you don’t have one, head over to your local pet store and watch the pets frolic in their cages. You’ll get your daily fill of cuteness and a moment to forget about your stress.

Reach Out to Make a Connection

Sometimes the only way you can truly relieve your stress is by talking with someone. Call a friend or family member, or look up websites online that offer resources to connect you with people who care, whether that’s through online chat or a phone number. People are out there and want to help, no matter what you’re stressed about.

Follow These Steps to Decrease Your Stress Levels

Stress can seem overwhelming, like it’ll be there forever, but that’s not true! Take a moment to breathe, then try different methods to get stress relief.

You may not have tried any before, or you may be trying some for the second time, but you never know what’s going to help, so go for it. You might find they make your day just a little bit easier.