The 11 Best Tech Podcasts to Start Listening to Today

October 4, 2023 • Shannon Flynn


Technology is changing faster than you know, and listening to the best tech podcasts will keep you informed on the latest news in the industry. Do you want to know about the latest innovations? Are you curious about how tech is shaping the world? These audio gems take you on a journey through the industry’s state if you’re ready to find the top shows and save them to your playlist.

1. This Week in Tech

This Week in Tech is one of the best tech podcasts that covers the latest news in the technology world. When you listen to each episode, you’ll find it discusses recent happenings in everything, from AI and politics to social media and global trends. However, the host and guests ensure they thoroughly explain things so that listeners can stay in tune. If you seek a podcast that talks of tech in general, this podcast is for you.

2. Daily Tech News

Daily Tech News is a must-listener for anyone wanting to stay on top of the latest in the tech world. Each episode dives into the most pressing headlines, offering listeners an overview of the day’s tech developments. The format is easy to follow and straightforward. It breaks down complex subjects into digestible information. 

Daily Tech News gives the latest, whether it’s gadget releases or advances in AI. Overall, you’ll get in-depth interviews from experts in the tech industry, giving you engaging content and discussions on the latest tech trends.

3. Accidental Tech Podcast

Accidental Tech Podcast (ATP) is a lively discussion led by three technology experts — Marco Arment, Casey Liss and John Siracusa. This tech podcast dives deep into analysis, personal anecdotes and thoughtful critiques. The topics range from software development and hardware innovations to broader tech industry trends. 

ATP stands out for its unscripted nature — the hosts’ passion for technology shines through. Therefore, complex topics are accessible to everyone. Even if you’re generally interested in tech, ATP provides a rich listening experience for all.

4. Thoughtworks Technology

Another one of the best tech podcasts is Thoughtworks Technology — an insightful podcast where technology leaders from Thoughtworks discuss the most pressing tech topics. Known for its depth and breadth, this podcast goes beyond surface-level discussions. Instead, it digs into tech trends, practices and tools. 

The hosts often invite industry experts, ensuring various perspectives on software development and database design. While its episodes are informative, they’re also thought-provoking. They challenge listeners to think critically about the evolving world of technology. 

If you’re ready for a deep understanding of the intricacies of technology and want to know where it’s headed, consider Thoughtworks Technology as your top resource.

5. In Machines We Trust

In Machines We Trust is hosted by Jennifer Strong. It’s an interesting podcast that truly makes you think about the relationship between humans and machines. The series gets into artificial intelligence and machine learning. It explores the many ways these technologies intersect peoples’ daily lives. Each episode discusses the ethical, societal and practical implications of machines that think, decide and act. 

From discussions about facial recognition to the biases within algorithms, the podcast raises essential questions about trust and the roles machines play in society. For those curious about the future of AI and how it impacts you, In Machines We Trust offers enlightening explorations.

6. Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries is a gripping podcast about cybercrime, hacking and internet mysteries. Created and hosted by Jack Rhysider, Darknet Diaries unravels true stories from the dark side of the internet. The show dives into high-profile breaches, nationwide cyber activity and more. It gives you a glimpse into the operations that often remain hidden from the public.

Darknet Diaries captivates you with insider interviews, storytelling and meticulous research. It brings to light the digital battles that shape the online world, piquing your curiosity at every step. In essence, this show is educational with a side of adventure.

7. Techmeme Ride Home

Techmeme Ride Home is a daily podcast that serves a quick, digestible roundup of the day’s top tech news stories. It was designed for tech enthusiasts who want to stay updated but are pressed for time. Yet, the podcast still provides a concise review of the most significant headlines in around 15 minutes. 

Brian McCullough is the show’s host and efficiently breaks down the day’s events, making it easy for listeners to catch up on key developments. From the latest product launches to industry controversies, the Techmeme Ride Home ensures its audience is well-informed about technology.

8. The Tech Talks Daily Podcast

The Tech Talks Daily Podcast is an insightful series about the intersection of technology, business and people’s daily lives. The show is hosted by Neil C. Hughes, and it features interviews with various tech leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world. 

Expect to listen to topics such as navigating generative AI and implementing business intelligence. While each episode offers a deep listen into the latest innovations, it also shares stories behind the startups and companies reshaping industries. Beyond discussing the latest tech, the podcast often touches on the implications of technology on society, culture and the future. 

9. This Week in Google

TWiG (This Week in Google) is a weekly podcast on the latest news, trends and discussions surrounding Google and cloud computing. The show’s hosts — Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis and Ant Pruitt — provide you with a mix of expert insights on up-and-coming tech and the potential impacts they’ll have on the world. 

While Google and its products lie at the heart of many discussions, the podcast also covers AI, digital privacy and online culture topics. TWiG gives you an informed and engaging perspective on all things tech, so it’s worth the listen.

10. TED Tech

TED Tech opens up about the world of technology and digs deep into various topics, like virtual technologies, IoT, AI, sustainable energy, and space exploration. This podcast showcases how technology is integrated into everyday life. It also treats listeners with clear and relatable perspectives on complex tech topics. 

The show’s host — Sherrel Dorsey — deciphers the freshest insights from TED’s tech visionaries and probes the intersection where technology meets society, design, science and more. Therefore, it offers listeners a deeper understanding of the tech-driven world around them. 

11. She Talks Tech

She Talks Tech shines a spotlight on the voices and stories of women and men in the tech industry. With each episode, listeners get inspiring narratives from female leaders and innovators reshaping the tech landscape. The show delves into their journeys, challenges, triumphs and insights, sharing the profound impact of women in a male-dominated sector. 

Therefore, the podcast talks about more than tech — it’s also about empowerment and diversity in technology. She Talks Tech is the perfect show for aspiring women in tech. It’s also an eye-opener for the tech community about the essential contributions women provide in the industry.

Listen in on the Best Tech Podcasts

Technology is always reshaping the world, so staying informed with the best tech podcasts is important. Doing so gives you deep insight into everything about technology, whether it’s analyzing industry trends or the impacts of tech startups. Get on these platforms today and learn what’s happening when you listen to the best tech podcasts today.