The Best Jackbox Party Packs for Game Night

October 2, 2023 • Devin Partida


Jackbox offers nine packs of online games for groups of friends to enjoy together. Players need a phone and secondary screen, like a laptop or TV, to participate. Although first released in 2014, Jackbox surged in popularity during the pandemic since it allowed people to play games with each other remotely. Here are the best Jackbox party packs for hosting an epic game night. 

Jackbox Party Pack 2

One of the best Jackbox party packs is also one of the earliest. It includes Bomb Corp, Earwax, Bidiots, Fibbage 2 and Quiplash. As with all Jackbox Party packs, players can enjoy it on multiple consoles, including a PC, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. 

Best Game: Quiplash

In this classic Jackbox game, players answer prompts on their phones, trying to come up with the funniest possible answers. When time runs out, players’ answers are pitted against each other. The whole rest of the team votes to decide whose quip was the funniest. 

Later Jackbox party packs have expanded and improved upon Quiplash, but the first version is still a laugh-out-loud funny game that has a place in any good host’s lineup. 

Runner-Up: Fibbage 2

This game is all about fooling your friends. Players come up with well-crafted lies to trivia questions, earning points when anyone chooses their answer over the correct one. This sequel to the original Fibbage boasts 500 brand-new questions, twice as many as the original had, to ensure hours of fun. 

Jackbox Party Pack 5

Another great Jackbox party pack, this one comes with Split the Room, Mad Verse City, Patently Stupid, You Don’t Know Jack and Zeeple Dome. 

Best Game: Patently Stupid

This game packs in so many activities that it might stand to give players a little more time for each one. Still, it’s creative and funny, sure to delight quick-thinking people who don’t mind giving presentations to a group. 

Players must first jot down a solution to a problem that the game prompts them with. Then, they illustrate another player’s invention, name it and describe how it works. Drawing on a phone is almost comically difficult, adding an extra layer of humor to this fast-paced game. 

Runner-Up: Mega Verse City

Anyone with a penchant for rapping or even just writing funky rhymes will surely enjoy Mega Verse City. The rap-battling robot protagonists are the futuristic equivalent of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, laying down whatever verses players write. 

What makes the game even funnier is the deadpan computer voice that reads the raps aloud. Although it occasionally mispronounces names or adds a strange inflection to sentences, you can’t stay mad at it — it is, after all, just a robot. 

Jackbox Party Pack 6

Arguably the best Jackbox party pack of them all, this set includes Trivia Murder Party 2, Push the Button, Joke Boat, Role Models and Dictionarium. 

Best Game: Trivia Murder Party 2

Building on the success of the original Trivia Murder Party, this hair-raising sequel is a shining standout of the Jackbox franchise. In a battle of wits, players compete to see who knows the most geography, pop culture, obscure animal facts and other trivia staples — all while trying to escape a haunted hotel. 

Trivia Murder Party 2 would be fun in its own right, but the running commentary makes it hysterical. The invisible narrator cracks just enough jokes that it never gets old. Plus, spine-chilling minigames that involve drawing, math, typing — and, sometimes, just pure luck — intersperse the trivia questions, making the game feel more balanced. Trivia Murder Party 2 remembers which questions players have already answered so as not to repeat them. 

Runner-Up: Push the Button

With an almost identical premise to the 2018 hit mobile game Among Us, Push the Button has players trapped on an interstellar flight. The problem? Some crew members are aliens, but nobody knows who’s who. Players have to compete in minigames like drawing and answering personal questions to suss out the culprits before time runs out. 

Where the game really gets funny is when the aliens deliberately mess up the human team’s prompts, making it seem like players are giving weird answers. For example, if the question asks, “What is your favorite type of pet?” an alien might step in and secretly change the question to something like, “What’s your favorite food?” for just one player. Then, the player has to defend her reasoning as to why roast beef is her favorite type of pet. 

Watching people desperately try to explain their bizarre answers is one of the highlights of the game, making Push the Button hilarious for friends who already know each other well. It loses points for having an insufferable narrator who never. Stops. Whining. Otherwise, this is one of the best Jackbox Party Pack 6 games. 

Jackbox Party Pack 8

Jackbox released this party pack in 2021. It includes Drawful Animate, The Wheel of Enormous Proportions, Job Job, Poll Mine and Weapons Drawn. 

Best Game: Job Job

Anyone who likes playing with those word fridge magnets to create absurd stories will love this game. First, players answer prompts in as many descriptive words as possible. Then, a paper shredder tears their answers into pieces, scattering the words on the page for other players to use in their own stories. The result is a laugh-out-loud game in which players try to write something coherent using only the words provided. 

Though the animation is rather kafkaesque — involving bizarre hijinks like the narrator swapping out her water cooler head for a new one, or the desk coming alive and eating mice — Job Job is one of the funniest, if not the funniest, games in Jackbox. It works best with four or more players, but you can still play with a group of at least three. 

Runner-Up: Drawful Animate

Drawful is fun enough as it is, but allowing players to bring their illustrations to life adds a whole new entertainment factor. Players create two-frame animations based on wacky prompts. As the animations play on a loop, other players have to guess what on Earth it was that they were trying to draw! Friend Mode prompts all involve other players’ names, which is hilarious for groups of people who know each other well. 

Endless Entertainment

Some of the best Jackbox party packs are 2, 5, 6 and 8. All of these sets feature outstanding games that provide hours of fun for old friends and acquaintances alike. So, give them a try and take game night to the next level.