43 Wordle Alternatives for More Daily Puzzle Action

April 11, 2023 • April Miller


Few phone games have the spread and longevity as Wordle. Kids and adults previously averse to word puzzles found themselves stalking the New York Times each day to see how many guesses it took to discover that day’s hidden five-letter word. The game has been running since October 2021, and its tenure will run out when every five-letter word is exhausted — though it might last longer. Players must find a suitable replacement — or additions — to their gaming routine to scratch the Wordle itch. So, what are the most notable Worlde alternatives so the magic never runs out?

Need More Content Than the Standard Five Letters?

Some have mastered the art of the five-letter guess and want a different challenge. At this point, devoted players know every in and out of the game’s intricacies. Regardless, fans can hone their skills in any number of Worlde alternatives that expand the game for many years with a few extra letters:

  1. Dordle: Guess two five-letter words simultaneously.
  2. Quordle: Players have nine tries to solve four five-letter words at once. 
  3. Sedecordle: 21 guesses to solve 16 words at once.
  4. Octordle: Players have 13 tries to guess eight five-letter words simultaneously.
  5. Kilordle: 1,000 Wordle games at once — for masters only.
  6. Hello Wordl: Players choose the word length they want, and it plays like Wordle. The difference is players can play an unlimited number of times a day.
  7. WordGuessr: Similar to Hello Wordl, but there’s only one daily attempt. For a tough guess, try a Challenge game.
  8. Hurdle: Play Wordle without the highlighted letters. Instead, a column to the right indicates the number of yellow or green letters you guessed. There is no indication of what those letters are.
  9. Speedle: A speedrun variant with adjustable parameters.
  10. cl-wordle: Play Wordle from your command prompt function.
  11. Waffle: An aptly-shaped letter puzzle that makes players rearrange letters until the entire puzzle is green.

Need a Fandom or Community Twist?

If the wordiness of the game doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps associating it with a hobby or community will. Fandom and other variations of Wordle pop up regularly, with many more still in the works:

  1. Taylordle: Taylor Swift themed.
  2. SWordle: Star Wars themed.
  3. Lordle: League of Legends Themed.
  4. Mickeyrdle: Disney themed.
  5. YGOrdle: Yu-Gi-Oh! themed.
  6. Squirdle: Pokémon themed.
  7. Lordle of the Rings: Lord of the Rings themed.
  8. Hogwartle: Harry Potter themed.
  9. Byrdle: Choral music themed.
  10. Queerdle: LGBTQIA+ themed, with some answers being two words and potentially NSFW.

Need a Visual Game? 

For artists and geographers, there are Wordle alternatives for visual puzzle players tired of looking at yellow, black and green all the time:

  1. Globle: There’s a new mystery country every day. Type the name of any country on the globe, and color-coding will show you how close you are.
  2. Cloudle: Each day, there’s a new city for you to guess the accurate weather forecast.
  3. Worldle: Guess a country based on the outline without the context of a map in five tries.
  4. Framed: Identify movie stills in six guesses to escape the word game mindset.
  5. Artle: The National Gallery of Art’s art history guessing game in four tries.

Need an Adversary? 

Ever played Worlde and thought you could use a little more tension and competition? Try these Wordle alternatives that have more of a bite:

  1. Evil Wordle: Keep guessing, as Evil Wordle removes usable letters as you guess.
  2. Absurdle: Play the same as Wordle with unlimited guesses, but the game actively tries to make you not get the answer. It can even change the word if it wants.
  3. Adverswordle: Want to play Wordle but backward? Score an AI’s word guesses until they figure you out.
  4. Jotto: A two-player variant where you attempt to guess the other player’s five-letter word.
  5. Sweardle: Though it’s not an overt opponent, this simple variant only includes swear words, so it will inevitably have a different personality than the original.

Need a Numbers Game? 

Guessing words all day is hard work, and sometimes a game should appeal to the mathy side. Good news, other game developers thought the same:

  1. Nerdle: Wordle with numbers. Guess the calculation in six guesses.
  2. Mathle: Similar to Nerdle.
  3. Numberle: No equations or summing necessary. Just guess five numbers in the right order.
  4. Primel: Guess the day’s unique prime number — only prime number guesses are allowed.
  5. Summle: Get the daily sum in five tries or less.
  6. Passwordle: It’s best practice to include numbers and letters in a solid password, so try this Worlde variant that includes both.

Need a Slightly Different Game? 

Many games exist with a Wordle flavor aren’t necessarily Wordle. They give players the satisfaction of making the correct daily guess or uncovering a puzzle by unfurling the clues. If you like the base game, these variations may appeal to you too:

  1. Semantle: The word length doesn’t matter, but the semantics do. Guess the secret word by inputting words with similar meanings until you hit 100% similarity.
  2. Heardle: Music connoisseurs rejoice as you listen to between one and 16 seconds of a song to discover the daily answer in six guesses. There’s a specific Heardle for BTS fans.
  3. Redactle: Guess words to unravel a mystery Wikipedia article.
  4. Spelling Bee: Guess as many words as you can spell from six gray letters around a yellow hex, like a honeycomb, that players must include in every guess.
  5. Crosswordle: Fill in a crossword grid with the right letters, with the first clue resembling the final correct guess in a game of Wordle.
  6. Lewdle: It wouldn’t be the internet without an NSFW version of the classic game.

Wordle Alternatives for Every Gamer

Even if you aren’t a wordsmith, the word game giant has inspired countless offshoots to appeal to players regardless of skill or interest. Game developers, publications and app-makers alike want to replicate its success with its clever, quick gameplay. Who knows what other variants will arise as Wordle takes the world by storm, despite its age? Will any other game be as appealing in the future?