10 Best New Android Apps in 2022

March 3, 2022 • Shannon Flynn


As technology advances, there are so many new apps coming out. These can help you stay organized, pass the time or even find a date. While iPhones are popular, about 129.1 million people use an android. So, here are ten of the best new android apps to download. 

1. Cast to TV

Have you ever wanted to play something from your phone on the television? This free apps allow you to cast your content onto the screen. It works with any smart television with Miracast support. Cast to TV is also a simple app with a user-friendly interface. 

So, then you can see your favorite shows on the big screen. Also, the application is perfect for when you have guests over and don’t want to be hundled around your phone. 

2. DINA: Personalized Weather

This app can help you prepare for any type of weather. It determines the temperature and then recommends clothing and accessories, like umbrellas. You can also make it more personalized. Tell the app your clothing preferences and it can adapt its recommendations. In addition, it gives you daily forecast updates. This application makes it easier to pick your outfit when you’re in a rush. Plus, it’s free to download. 

3. SafeUP

SafeUp is one of the best new android apps specifically designed for women. The app connects you with other women to help you through an unsafe situation. It shares your location with guardian women, in case of an emergency. You can reach them through phone or video calls. The app is free but has some bugs with the sign-up process. 

4. Sleep.com Sleep Cycle Tracker

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Getting enough rest is essential to stay alert throughout the day. You need about seven hours of rest a night. This app listens to your breath while sleeping and produces a sleep score. 

You can use the score to improve your sleep patterns. If you have a lower one, try turning off your phone before bed. Then create a relaxing routine, such as taking a bath or reading a book. In addition, you can see your sleep history, create goals and set an alarm. The app is free, but you can update to the premium version for $7.99. 

5. Tracker Detect 

Have you ever misplaced your phone? With this app, you can stop panicking. Tracker detect allows you to track your device through Apple’s Find my network. It also includes AirTag features. The product is simple to use, just tap a button and the app scans to find your AirTags. This app can provide you with peace of mind when traveling. 

6. Lifesum 

This is one of the best new android apps to help you stay healthy. It’s a billed calorie counter. The application includes a barcode scanner to quickly enter calorie amounts. In addition, you can monitor carbs, fats and protein. By tracking your eating habits you can set weight loss goals. Also, you can use the device to monitor your water consumption. 

All these features are on the free version. However, you can pay for things like access to meal plans, recipes, and food ratings. The premium plan starts at $21.99 for the first three months.

7. Pixtica

For those who love taking pictures and videos check out this app. It has many features including various filters, a GIF recorder and panorama mode. It even has a setting where you can warp images into a sphere-like shape. These features allow you to create unique photos without using multiple apps. Pixtica is free, but some functions are only available in the premium versions. You will need to pay about $2.99 a year for all the filters. 

8. Bookly 

Do you enjoy reading? Bookly can encourage you to read more and track your habits. If you work from home, it’s a fun way to pass your lunch break. Start by filling out how many books you want to read a year and for how long each day. Then the app can set up reminders. That way you can meet your reading goals. 

Add the stories you’re currently reading and update your progress. Keep track of things like page numbers. All these features are free. However, to remove book limits, upgrade to the premium version for $4.99. 

9. Disney +

This is one of the best new android apps for television lovers. If you enjoy classic Disney films and shows you have access to a variety of content. The library features over 500 movies and 7,500 television shows. There’s a ton of Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic selections. There are even new releases, such as Frozen 2. The service also has no ads and an easy-to-navigate interface. You can stream or download all your favorite content, so you can watch it anywhere. You’ll just need a get subscription, which is about $8 per month. 

10. Blue Apron 

Are you too busy to plan and prepare a meal? This app delivers delicious and healthy ingredients right to your door. It then saves you a trip to the grocery store. If you work remotely, you can then start cooking right when you’re done working. The application also lets you manage your account and schedule your deliveries. The meal prices start at about  $9.99. 

The Best New Android Apps

We spend hours a day toggling through different apps. These help us to perform daily tasks and stay entertained. Suppose you’re looking for something new to download. Try out one of these best new android apps today.