10 Best New Android Apps (Updated for 2024)

May 21, 2024 • Shannon Flynn


As technology advances, there are so many new apps coming out. These can help you stay organized, pass the time or even find a date. While iPhones are popular, about 129.1 million people use an android. So, here are ten of the best new android apps to download. 

The app landscape constantly evolves, with the best new Android apps launching every year. This dynamic environment transforms how you use your mobile devices. Staying updated with the latest and greatest apps is crucial. It ensures you leverage the best tools available to enhance productivity, entertainment, health and more.

This year’s list of the best new Android apps offers diverse categories, ensuring there’s something for everyone. By exploring these top-rated apps, you can expect to find innovative solutions that cater to various needs and interests. This also helps keep your mobile experience fresh and exciting.

1. Discogs

If you’re a music enthusiast, this app is a must-have for managing and discovering physical music collections. It allows you to create and manage a wantlist, set notifications for price drops and discover records other users trade. This app is perfect for building and managing your physical music collection. It also makes tracking and finding the music you love easier.

Additionally, the app streamlines the process of cataloging your collection with features like barcode scanning. It automatically identifies and provides information about the record. You can also connect with a community of like-minded collectors, share your finds and even arrange trades. This interconnected approach helps you grow your collection. It keeps you engaged with the latest trends and releases in physical music.

2. Dub AI

An AI-powered app that translates and lip-syncs video content to different dialects is among the best new Android apps this year. In fact, the global viewability rate of mobile web videos standing at 80% in 2022. It’s clear that video content remains a powerful medium for communication and entertainment. 

This app allows you to translate videos, create lip-sync content and type phrases to be spoken in videos. It makes your content accessible to a broader audience. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer or just having fun with friends, this app breaks language barriers. It adds an exciting twist to video creation.

3. StandBy Mode Pro

A keyboard app that combines simplicity with powerful features is a game-changer for enhancing your typing experience. It offers customizable keyboard themes, allowing you to personalize the look and feel to match your style.

With quick access to emojis, you can easily add a touch of expression to your messages without hassle. Advanced typing features — such as predictive text and swipe typing — help you type more accurately to save time.

4. Can I Park

A parking assistant app that interprets parking signs and regulations can be a lifesaver in busy urban areas. This app scans and interprets parking signs using advanced machine learning technologies by sifting through large data sets and identifying patterns or anomalies. 

Point your camera at a parking sign, and the app provides real-time interpretation and notifications, clearly explaining the parking regulations. This feature helps you avoid parking fines by ensuring you understand when and where you can park.

5. Rewind

A music discovery app that lets you explore billboard hits from past decades is perfect for diving into the rich history of music. This app allows you to discover music from different eras. It gives you access to many tracks that shaped the music industry. 

You can preview tracks to get a taste of the timeless hits and view AI-generated album covers. This adds a modern twist to the nostalgic experience. Suppose you reminisce about your favorite songs from the past or exploring genres and artists you haven’t heard before. This app provides a unique and enjoyable journey through music history.

6. Battery Smart

A comprehensive battery health monitoring app is essential for running your device smoothly. This app allows you to monitor battery capacity, voltage and temperature, providing a detailed overview of your battery’s condition. 

You can set alarms for specific actions, such as when your battery is fully charged or reaches a low level. This ensures you never overcharge or drain your battery excessively. These features help you maintain optimal battery health and extend your device’s life span.

7. Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft’s AI-powered assistant app offers a range of productivity features designed to enhance workflow. With AI integration, employee productivity can improve by up to 66%, making it a powerful tool for any workplace. 

This app leverages GPT-4, providing capabilities like image generation, code writing and real-world application solutions. Whether drafting documents, creating visual content or developing software, this app’s advanced AI capabilities streamline your tasks, saving you time and effort.

8. Neuron

A news app that filters science news for enthusiasts is perfect for staying informed about the latest developments in the field. With customizable news feeds, you can tailor the app to show only the topics that interest you the most. This ensures you get the most relevant updates. 

The app also provides notifications for major updates, so you never miss out on significant scientific breakthroughs. Its user-friendly interface makes navigating and finding the news you want to read easy without distractions.

9. Color Changing Camera

An app that helps visualize color changes on various objects using your phone’s camera is a fantastic tool for anyone painting or decorating. By simply pointing your camera at an object, you can apply different colors and see how they would look in real life.

This feature lets you visualize paint choices, ensuring you make the perfect decision for your space. Additionally, you can share these visuals with others, making it easier to get feedback and collaborate on design projects.

10. TikTok Notes

A new photo-sharing app by TikTok, designed to rival Instagram, is making waves with its innovative features and seamless integration with the TikTok platform. The U.S. leads with the largest TikTok audience, boasting 150 million users. This provides a massive potential user base for this new app. 

It features a two-column grid layout that allows you to browse photo posts easily. Moreover, the app integrates with TikTok, enabling you to share your photos directly. It also offers the ability to add headlines and extended captions, enhancing the storytelling aspect of your posts.

Enhance Your Mobile Experience with These Best New Android Apps

Try these apps to enhance your mobile experience and discover new ways to stay productive, entertained and informed. Each app offers unique features designed to improve various aspects of your daily routine and digital life.

Original Publish Date 3/3/2022 — Updated 5/21/2024