What Are the Best Free Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone?

July 2, 2019 • Shannon Flynn


Whether you’re the type who likes to hit snooze 47 times or the strange sort who pops out of bed easily with a clock only as a backup, the days of electric alarms subject to power outages are so 1980s. We all carry our phones everywhere, and while surfing social media at midnight is a great way to keep yourself awake until 3 a.m., your iPhone can help you regulate your sleep cycle. What is the best free alarm clock app for iPhone outside of the standard clock?

The best part? While you can spend quite a bit on apps with tons of bells and whistles, a ton of free apps exist for helping even the most reluctant risers wake up.

It doesn’t matter if it takes getting your blood pumping to pull you from dreamland or a figurative pencil in the ear. These apps will make sure you never use the fake “stuck in traffic” excuse for rolling into work late ever again.

1. Clock Pro Free

One feature of this app is the ability to set it to turn the lighting down during the night, making this app an excellent choice for those who need a soft glow to reassure them their phone battery hasn’t died if they wake up at 3 a.m. For those who prefer to use an iPad in the bedroom, the tablet version of the app features similar items, such as a stopwatch. Some do find the app freezes, but given the overall positive reviews and the $0 price tag it’s worth giving it a go.

2. Alarm Tunes Lite

As the name indicates, this app aims to bring you back to the real world with the sound of your favorite music. You can choose from your iTunes library, or use the library provided on the app, which is admittedly a bit limited in the free version. If you can’t face the day without beats, this is the best alarm clock app for you.

3. iClock Free

If you are accustomed to asking Siri to set your alarm, you can do so with iClock Free. This best alarm clock app for iPhone runs on the same fundamental principle as the iPhone’s pre-installed clock app. However, the interface and features are far superior. The world clock has more functionality with additional personalized options, and the app allows you to adjust the visual attributes as well.

4. Sleep Cycle

Is there anything more aggravating than your alarm clock rousing you from a particularly pleasant dream, like the one featuring Channing Tatum? The Sleep Cycle app monitors your sleep patterns and only goes off during times of lightest slumber. So dream on, dream on, dream until your dreams come true!

5. Loud Alarm Clock

Those who tend to be able to sleep through a herd of elephants dancing on their roof will adore the Loud Alarm Clock app. This app uses a range of alarms with such intensities you may think World War III has broken out at last, ranking it among the best alarm clock apps for iPhone. Nevertheless, you’ll never have to do the walk of shame when you roll in for your 8 a.m. shift at 10 a.m. ever again.

6. Walk Me Up

Tons of us love to use white-noise apps to help us drown out noisy roommates, but doing so can leave us accustomed to sleeping with constant sounds. Guess what? That means sleeping right through the alarm.

Not with Walk Me Up. This app makes sure you take a specific number of steps before turning off, meaning you’ll get fitful shut-eyeat best if you don’t shake a morning tail feather.

7. Alarmy

Any app which bills itself as the world’s most annoying has got to be one of the best free alarm clock apps, right? Alarmy bills itself as an alarm clock with a mission, and it completes it at that. The app reigns as one of the most highly rated anywhere, and nearly a million reviewers can’t be wrong.

Wake up With the Best Alarm Apps for iPhone

Waking up late can throw off our entire day and wreak havoc on our productivity. But with these helpful and free iPhone alarm clock apps, you’ll never be late for those early-morning work meetings again!