The Top 5 Best Apps for the Galaxy Watch

March 16, 2021 • Devin Partida


The Galaxy Watch line comes with some pretty impressive features out of the box — with the right apps, you can make your watch do even more. 

On the Galaxy Watch app store, there are tools for everything from organizing your day, to tracking health data, to keeping tabs on the weather.

These apps are some of the best available right now — both paid and free — that will help you get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

1. MapMyRun

The GPS tracker from UnderArmor, MapMyRun is a running and fitness app that helps you keep track of your run. The app organizes GPS data from your watch to let you compare runs, estimating your speed, distance and climb over time.

With a new Samsung Galaxy Active2 – UA Edition, you’ll also get six free months of access to the premium, “MVP” version of Map My Run. MVP features include Route Genius, which will help you pick out new routes for your runs, as well as dynamic training plans and mobile coaching services.

2. Spotify

Samsung was one of the first smart watch developers to offer full integration with Spotify — and right now, the Galaxy Watch Spotify app is still one of the best available for smart watches. 

The Spotify app for Galaxy Watches features full integration with your Spotify account. On your watch, you’ll be able to access recently listened songs, playlists and your browsing history. You can even use your watch as a remote control for the Spotify app on your phone or computer.

If you want to listen to music on the go — especially if you already have a Spotify account — the Spotify app is a great use of your watch’s storage space. After all, it was the top music streaming app in 2020.

3. Facer

By default, the Galaxy Watch has a great library of pre-installed watch faces to choose from. 

Facer offers thousands of free watch face designs to choose from, with many offering features like on-face weather display, battery tracking and integration with your watch’s health tracking tools.

If you feel like the default watch faces aren’t really your style, Facer is probably the best option for additional customizability.

4. Strava

Samsung’s built-in health tracking app, Samsung Health, is pretty robust to start with. However, it’s not always easy to extract the data that it collects — meaning that you may not be getting the most info out of the health markers that your smart watch is tracking.

Third-party health apps, like Strava, can fill in this gap. It’s among the most popular fitness apps available. The app helps you track and analyze your health data while you exercise and throughout your day. It also comes with a few different tools to make exercising easier or more fun.

Strava’s Route feature, for example, allows you to pre-program or download routes for runs, walks or bike rides, helping you to stay on top of your fitness goals.

5. ParKing: Find My Car 

As the app subtitle suggests, ParKing helps you find your car.

You can set a GPS pin when leaving your car, or use your smart watch’s Bluetooth connectivity to search for your car.

If you’ve ever spent time wandering a parking deck or lot, trying to remember where you parked, installing this lightweight app can be a major help.

Get the Most Out of Your Smart Watch With These Apps

If you want to extend the functionality of your smart watch, these apps are one of the best places to start. Each provides some additional tools or builds on the features that your watch already provides — like its powerful health data tracking and in-built GPS.