The 5 Best Job Search Apps Can Maximize Your Hireability

March 11, 2021 • Zachary Amos


Finding a new job can be a challenge, no matter how experienced or qualified you are. Even if an open position is a perfect fit for you, you may never see it. Thankfully, job search apps can help.

There are millions of job openings in the U.S. right now. That’s good news, but it also means you have to sift through multiple options to find the best one. To help you with that, here are the five best job search apps for 2020.

1. LinkedIn

When you’re searching for a new job, LinkedIn should be the first place you go. According to a 2018 survey, around 77% of recruiters use the site to find potential candidates. With the mobile app, you can take advantage of this recruiting hotspot from your phone.

You can use the LinkedIn app to look for jobs, connect with other professionals and message recruiters. For $29 a month, you can upgrade your account to see things like salary data too. Otherwise, LinkedIn is free on both Android and iOS.

2. Indeed

Like LinkedIn, Indeed is a go-to site for millions of job searchers. It has a vast list of openings, and the app makes them more accessible than ever. The app makes it easy to upload your resume and refine your search to find the right fit.

Indeed may not have the networking features of other apps, but its advantage is in its size. With this app, you can look through more jobs in less time than virtually any other option. You can download Indeed Job Search for free from both Android and Apple app stores.

3. CareerBuilder

If you want an exceptional user experience, then CareerBuilder may be the best job search app for you. The app uses artificial intelligence to find openings that would suit you the best. You can also apply to jobs with one tap and get notifications when they see your application.

CareerBuilder will also help you create a new resume with the help of AI. Since many companies use AI to find candidates, it gives you an edge. You can even look at statistics about different types of jobs and industries. This user-friendly app is available on both Android and iOS for free.

4. Glassdoor

All of the best job search apps have different advantages when it comes to finding an opening. With Glassdoor, that advantage is the number of insights the app offers for each position. Glassdoor doesn’t just show you jobs, but info about things like their salary and benefits.

Applying for jobs on Glassdoor isn’t as straightforward as it is on some other apps. Still, the wealth of career information it offers makes it hard to ignore. You can get Glassdoor for free on both Apple and Android devices.

5. Snagajob

If you want part-time or hourly work, Snagajob may be your best bet. The app focuses on these types of jobs and helps you find them fast. You can create your profile in no time, and Snagajob will even match you with openings.

Snagajob offers many enticing features, like a map that shows you where businesses are and video profiles. You won’t find any upper-level or salaried positions here, but it’s the best place for hourly work. Snagajob is available on both Android and iOS app stores for free.

Use The Best Job Search Apps to Boost Your Career

Whether you’re out of work or want to move on in your career, finding a job can be tough. With the help of modern technology, you can make it as painless a process as possible. These job search apps will help you find the position you want when you want it.

You can do a lot to improve your standings as a candidate. None of that will matter if you can’t find an opening, though. Use these apps to connect you to the next step in your career.