The Best Editing Apps for Videos of 2020

March 2, 2021 • Shannon Flynn

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Working on video projects of any kind requires the best editing apps and software. Often, you may want to edit for social media or just for fun. Other times, you’re working on an official project that requires proper attention to detail. In any case, the best editing apps for videos can bring you the results you need — right from your smartphone or computer.

Here are the best apps to choose from:

1. Quik

From GoPro, Quik brings you one of the simplest video editing platforms for 2020. It offers transitions, effects, cropping tools and themes. You can upload a maximum of 200 clips or photos, so whatever project you’re working on, you can have all the content you need.

One of the coolest features from Quik is its ability to process videos and analyzing colors and faces. It’s a smart way to edit that will ultimately help you create a cohesive project. Plus, you can work in 1080p HD.

Quik is available for free for Android and iPhone and iPad devices as well.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

This platform from Adobe is great for creating an array of video projects. Its unique interface makes editing easy, so you can get right to the point. Work with visual, audio and voice effects as well as cropping tools and sequencing.

Adobe has a lot of apps for all sorts of editing. Premiere Rush is beneficial for quicker videos and shorter content. You can check it out with a 15-day free trial. After that, it will be $9.99 per month. Be sure to look at individual, student and business pricing, too!

You can get Adobe Premiere Rush for your desktop or laptop, Apple devices and Android phones.

Want to brush up on your video editing knowledge in general? This book from Amazon can help.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

While Premiere Rush is great for on-the-go content creation, you’ll find that Premiere Pro is its groundbreaking older sibling. It has countless features that let you bring to life in-depth, detailed and well-rounded videos.

Work with the automatic editor to see the platform’s suggestions, change around the audio, overlay music and add all the effects you can. Premiere Pro is for the professional in you that wants a meticulous creation. However, it can be quick and an on-the-go option, too.

Premiere Pro is $20.99 per month. Although, you can check out different pricing options for education or business use. Additionally, there’s a bundling option for Pro and Rush should you want both. Then, Creative Cloud offers you all Adobe’s apps at a discounted price.

Which is right for you?

4. iMovie

Apple users, this app is for you. iMovie has been around for a while and with each update, it only gets better. For desktop or mobile use, iMovie is one of the best editing apps for videos out there. On any platform, it’s easy to use and comes with dozens of cool effects and transitions.

Additionally, you’ll find this platform has pre-made templates for things like virtual scrapbooks, trailers and stories. Discover them all by downloading iMovie for free!

5. Blender

If you’re looking for an app that’s heavy on the effects side of things, then look no further. Blender is your all-in-one highly advanced editing app. It’s an entire creation suite where you can work with 3D animation, modeling, rendering, simulation, motion tracking and, of course, video editing. You can work in 2D as well.

These apps are one of a kind. They bring you effects that go over the top, tips and tools for layering, adjusting and fine-tuning.

If this app seems too good to be true, wait until you hear the price. It’s free! Download it on your computer today.

6. WeVideo

WeVideo is one of the best editing apps for videos in terms of accessing it from any location. You’ll be able to use the browser version, desktop version or the apps for Android and iOS. Once you log in, the cloud-based platform keeps your creations up-to-date in your account. That means you can edit on your laptop, stop and resume later from your phone.

With 4K resolution, 10GB of storage and an abundance of visual and audio tools, WeVideo will provide you with all your editing needs. The only downside is that the free version leaves a watermark on your videos. If you don’t mind, though, then you’re all set to go.

7. Lightworks

If you’re in need of a powerful video editing platform, then Lightworks is the right option for you. It’s advanced enough that movies like “Pulp Fiction” have used it to edit.

Let the content and capabilities speak for the app. You’ll have tons of effects, high-tech audio outputs as well as multiple camera angle options for editing.

Download Lightworks today for your Windows and Apple computer. There are free and pro versions to choose from. When you’re done, share it right from the app!

Choosing the Right App

Once you narrow down what kinds of videos you’ll be editing, you’ll have a better idea of the app you need. Do you want something with hundreds of effects? Do you need a clean interface? Is this a one-time edit or will you be making more videos?

With these questions in mind, try out these apps. With the free versions or trials, you can test them all!