9 Best iPad Pro Apps of 2021

May 12, 2021 • Zachary Amos


The iPad Pro is one of the most versatile products to come from Apple. It takes all the best parts of a laptop and combines it with all the best parts of a smartphone. For work, creative projects and entertainment, the iPad Pro is the gadget for all your needs. These best iPad Pro apps of 2021 will enhance your experience with your device.

Best iPad Pro Apps for Productivity

1. Google Drive

Storing documents and data on your computer can be risky if it crashes. Instead, Google Drive stores everything on the cloud. Access it from your iPad Pro with the app and you’ll have everything you need right there, automatically saving across your devices. Then, you can download the corresponding apps like Google Docs and Google Sheets to maximize your productivity on your iPad. Check out this cloud storage app for your Apple iPad Pro.

2. Procreate

For the creative side in you, Procreate is the ultimate drawing and creation app for the iPad Pro. Using the Apple Pencil or your finger, you can use the countless brushes and textures that Procreate has to offer. The interface is perfect for a mobile setup that you can carry with you at all times. With high resolution and autosaves, this is the perfect iPad app for those diving into graphic design and digital arts. Get Procreate today for $9.99 in the App Store to start using this amazing drawing app.

3. Shapr 3D

3D creations are becoming more and more common and necessary with the rise of 3D printing and computer-aided design (CAD). Until now, CAD programming has just been for sturdy PCs. With Shapr 3D, you’ll get the necessary, professional-grade features for 3D design right from your iPad Pro. The app stores everything right to your iPad. When you’re done, export it all in any format you’d like.

4. Evernote

Taking notes has typically been something you do with a pen and a piece of paper. Now, though, that experience has changed. As one of the best iPad Pro apps, Evernote lets you take notes right on your screen with an easy-to-use interface. With its handwriting recognition, the app will transform your notes into clear text that you can move around and pair with added images, graphics, diagrams and so much more. 

Taking notes has never been more organization-based. Get this notetaking app today for your iPad Pro.

5. Notability

If you’re looking to take notes in a different way, by annotating existing text, then Notability is the iPad pro app for you. Alongside PDFs, photos, e-books, papers and just about anything else, you’ll be able to type or handwrite notes, highlight content and mark pages. It’s the best way to organize your thoughts for school, work or daily life. 

Get it today in the App Store for $8.99.

6. Duet Display

For anyone who wants to multitask, having two monitors can be a life-saver. With your iPad Pro, you can now use it as a second screen. Simply download the Duet Display app from the store and set it up with your PC, Mac or even your smartphone. It works with laptops and desktops alike. Get more done with Duet Display, now for $9.99.

Best iPad Pro Apps for Entertainment

7. Netflix

After your productive moments on your iPad Pro, it’s time to unwind with some entertainment. As a leader in the streaming industry, Netflix is home to thousands of movie and TV show titles like “Schitt’s Creek” and “The Umbrella Academy.” You’ll find your favorites as well as plenty of new ones on this classic TV app. 

Using your iPad for Netflix will give you up close, clear graphics on a screen you can get the full picture on. You can get Netflix today with a subscription of $9.99 per month, depending on your plan.

8. Spotify

On the other side of the streaming world, Spotify is a leader for music. It’s mood playlists and daily mixes are just some of the ways this app helps you discover new music by suggesting songs and genres it thinks you’ll like. Create countless playlists and see what your friends are listening to in real-time. Plus, you can use the unique interface on your iPad to navigate the app easily, then sync to speakers for the best sound.

Spotify subscriptions start at the free level but range from $4.99 to $14.99 for premium options.

9. YouTube

YouTube is a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. What started over 15 years ago has now grown into a variety of videos you can watch — from TV series to shows to short clips. YouTube has it all. In fact, you can consider it a search engine too, since so many people use it for information alongside entertainment. With crystal clear quality and portability on your iPad Pro, start watching – or creating – today for free.

Get the Full iPad Pro Experience with the Best iPad Pro Apps

With these apps, you’ll get a well-rounded iPad Pro experience. You cover your creative side, your work life and your downtime. The iPad brings those areas together in unique, easy-to-use apps that address your every need. Get started today!