The 4 Best Apps That Will Pay You to Walk

May 3, 2021 • Devin Partida


Have you previously downloaded apps that will pay you to walk? With the right app, you can make money doing just about anything — even walking to the store. 

There are a surprising number of smartphone apps that will pay you to walk. If you already exercise and want to make some extra cash — or if you need something to help you stick with an exercise routine — these four apps that pay you to walk are some of the best available.

1. Achievement

With Achievement, you can earn money by exercising in a variety of ways — including walking, swimming and biking. 

In the app, you can earn up to 80 points a day for exercising and an additional 6 points for activities like logging meals or tracking sleep.

Achievement pays $10 for every 10,000 points you earn. You can either keep this cash for yourself or donate it to one of Achievement’s partner charities. 

The rate at which you earn points in Achievement does mean that your maximum possible earnings are a little low — around $30 per year. However that amount of money could make a big difference for the right charity — and you can earn it doing something that you probably already do every day. 

If you’re not that concerned with big earnings and are more interested in the charitable aspect of these apps, Achievement is a great choice.

2. Charity Miles

Charity Miles is another popular app that allows you to raise money by walking. Simply create your account, choose a charity and get moving. For every mile you bike, walk, run or otherwise travel, the app will donate some money to your charity of choice.

Unlike other apps, you can’t earn money for yourself — only for charities that the app supports. If you’re just interested in earning money for charity, this app is probably one of the best options available.

3. SweatCoin

If you’re ready to walk far and often for some cash, SweatCoin has the potential to net you some serious earnings. 

With SweatCoin, you earn 0.95 “sweatcoin” for every 1000 steps you take. Inviting friends and completing certain goals can also net you some additional coins. Each of these coins can be redeemed for gifts via the app’s auction feature. Prizes include downloads, fitness gear and gift cards — sometimes worth as much as $500 to $1,000. If you’re not interested in the prizes, you can donate your coins to charity, instead.

Unlike some other apps, you also won’t need to pay that much attention to SweatCoin — once you set everything up, the app will mostly work in the background, tracking your steps and adding up your earnings. 

Your total earnings, however, are limited by the plan you use. With a free plan, you can earn 5 sweatcoins a day. Spending sweatcoins on more advanced plans will boost your daily earning limit — up to 20 sweatcoin per day with the most expensive Breaker plan.

There is an element of risk and reward, here, however — these plans cost enough that if you don’t keep up a good pace, you may end up losing coins over time.

4. StepBet

Bet with yourself using real money. If you meet your fitness goals, you could earn a few dollars on the amount you pit down. Forgot to keep up with your exercise schedule and you’ll be out of that money.

Like other apps, you won’t be making serious money all at once — but over time, the earnings you make off of bets can start to add up.

Unlike other apps, StepBet doesn’t track your steps itself — instead, if you have a fitness tracker you enjoy using, you can keep using it. 

If you have trouble keeping up with your fitness goals, StepBet may also be a great motivator — the possibility losing out on the cash you put down may help you stay motivated and keep moving.

Earn Money While You Walk With These Apps

With these apps, you can make money any time you exercise. Some, like Achievement and Charity Miles, will make it easier to donate to charities and make a little extra money by walking. Others, like SweatCoin and StepBet, are a little more involved, but offer the potential for some serious earnings if you stay engaged.