This App Treats Social Anxiety One Step At A Time

March 15, 2017 • Devin Partida


social anxiety and steps

Sometimes, the easiest decision is as simple as the next right step. That’s the goal the newly developed Steps app wants to you to make. It’s a straightforward task app that takes aim at often debilitating social anxiety.

The easy-to-download application offers a list of uncomplicated tasks for completion, leaving users satisfied and encouraged by their progress. The lists include everything from personal projects to public speaking to physical fitness. The idea is that checking off activities will maximize your confidence and provide benchmark Steps meant to foster determination and minimize your uncertainty.

Steps is an application that aims to remove the roadblocks between you and life. It could serve as a tool for those who want to maximize their potential and conquer those feelings of false inferiority.

What Is Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is the fear of integration into a social environment, bolstered by the false belief that you are the subject of negative judgment on the part of those present. The anxiety manifests itself in several ways, including depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. It can also make it difficult to interact with others or participate in health-boosting physical activities.

The fear often slows or halts progress on any and all items on your personal agenda that are dependent on social interaction.

Recent studies have determined that as much as 7% of the United States population suffers from social anxiety. Many more are estimated to suffer from some extent of its symptoms at a given time.

Why the Steps App?

The Steps app actively works to eliminate social anxiety and its effects by first establishing for the user a definitive list of achievable goals and activities independent from external opinion.

The completion of straightforward goals is one of the main countermeasures to limit the effects of social anxiety. In the creation of a personalized experience meant to bolster individual confidence and dispel social anxiety, the app succeeds in establishing objective criteria between an individual and contemporary social integration.

Easy-to-complete list items include cooking a new dish, visiting a new place, conversing with a stranger and re-establishing connections with an old friend. These objectives, once completed, are archived in the app for future reference so you can track your progress. The list is updated upon completion of one or more tasks.

The app encourages you to actively watch your apprehension melt into social integration, even when you’re offline. The list enables you to complete any task which social anxiety would otherwise inhibit, from travel plans to cuisine excursions to physical activities — you complete concrete actions throughout the day or week at your own pace.

The Steps app possesses the inherent potential to alleviate millions from the worst social anxiety can offer. The free application brings the rudimentary list of Steps, and you bring the willingness to abandon your comfort zone in favor of a better you — both physically and emotionally.

Actively following the prompts could eliminate social anxiety and establish a lasting sense of confidence. Individuals suffering the debilitating effects of social anxiety can take full control of their schedules, thanks to a mobile platform intent on eliminating indecision and favoring of positive action.

Venture Beyond Your Comfort Zone

If the distance between who you are and who you can be is determined by social anxiety, an application like this could solve the problem for you. Users to learn task completion techniques immediately applicable in day-to-day life.

If going out to experience new things causes you anxiety, keeps you bound indoors or prevents you from communicating with others, the checklist functionality is one way to keep yourself accountable to the person you want to become.

The customizable list of tasks allows you to select the most applicable Steps to suit your individual preferences. After a Step is marked as completed within the application, the objective is automatically saved in “My Steps” for accurate records. At any time, you can add an additional Step your list.

Available for free download on iOS, the Steps app could be the means to a more decisive and active you.