Save While You Shop With These 7 Apps Similar To Groupon

April 23, 2021 • April Miller


Groupon is a wildly popular app that allows you to save money on brands you may know well, along with some new ones. You can find coupon codes for products, plus take advantage of daily deals. 

The offers in the second category require that a minimum number of people claim the offer before everyone benefits. They also usually have a limit of how many consumers can get the item at the discounted price, which introduces urgency. 

Many people love Groupon, but there are plenty of valid reasons why it may not be the best choice for you. For example, maybe you live in an area where most merchants have not joined the app yet. Here are some apps similar to Groupon that are worth checking out. 

1. LivingSocial

LivingSocial features a user-friendly interface that provides all the details you need to claim an offer confidently. For example, if you purchase a massage treatment, the product description clarifies things like the participating locations and how long you have to book your appointment. 

You can also find out how many people claimed an offer in a day or how long before an offer expires. Those statistics help if you can’t buy something right away but want to gauge other people’s interest in it or know how long you have before it’s necessary to act. 

2. Shop Pirate

The apps similar to Groupon that tend to become the most popular give people access to great deals without hassles. Shop Pirate appeals to people that love saving money on the brands they know. It features the logos of popular brands — from Target to Home Depot — then tells people how many coupons each store offers through the site. 

Be aware that the site refers to deals in the past tense — as “expired” — even if they still have an active usage period. Take the time to confirm the specific date timeframe rather than scanning for the word expired and assuming you’re out of luck. 

3. Woot!

Woot! is an Amazon-owned company, and that means Prime members get free standard shipping on deals offered at the site. You’ll see several product categories when using this app, including the newest, most popular, and least expensive items. Forums alert people to deals and let them discuss the products with other shoppers, too.

One of the downsides of this site — and something that separates it from many other apps similar to Groupon — is that there is no search bar. That means you’ll need to do a lot of scrolling. However, app users that signed up to receive emails from the company said that they could click links in newsletters to go directly to the products that interested them. 

4. Saviry

Saviry has a more stripped-down interface than some of the other apps similar to Groupon. However, you may appreciate that aspect if you want to find deals in particular categories and not worry about getting distracted by a broad assortment of intriguing products and offers that may not necessarily relate to your initial reason for going to the site. 

Users narrow down their searches by category to see what’s available. However, you can also differentiate between featured and popular products. 

5. DailySale

Maybe you’re eager to try apps similar to Groupon but would feel more comfortable doing it if there are factors of an app or brand that give you peace of mind and promote pleasant purchases. DailySale is well worth your time in that case. The site offers a 30-day return and replacement policy that people can utilize if they are not happy for some reason. 

Another perk of shopping at DailySale for deals is that there are more than 10 accepted payment methods. Plus, the site works with several shipping providers, and you’ll get a tracking number with each order. Having the details to trace an order is especially handy if you bought something as a gift or otherwise need a product urgently and want to follow its progress. 

6. Slickdeals

Slickdeals is a well-established deal and coupon site and app. Whether you get the iOS or Android version, there are several alert types that the app can provide. For example, you can get notifications about deals or receive them when someone replies to your post in the community forum. 

Unlike apps similar to Groupon where a single site or brand posts the offers, Slickdeals allows community members to publish information about the deals they find. Plus, when you look at the details of an offer, the content lists which stores have the product for the same price and how much they charge for shipping.

7. DealCatcher

Many of the offers displayed on this app take you directly to the original merchant’s site and let you get the details there. That works out well because you usually do not need to redeem coupon codes or claim offers to take advantage of the ways to save. 

DealCatcher could also help tremendously if you typically waste a lot of time before coming across the best deals. It lets you filter the results by price and category. Then, there’s a higher likelihood of coming across attractive offers sooner. 

Save More on the Things You Need or Want

One of the reasons why Groupon became so popular is that it introduced people to deals they may have otherwise missed. These seven apps similar to Groupon do that, too. Whether you’re shopping to treat yourself or find something for a more specific purpose, these apps can help ensure you don’t pay more than necessary.