Samsung’s New Notebook 7 Spin

June 24, 2016 • Devin Partida


samsung notebook 7 spin

Starting June 26, you’ll be able to purchase Samsung’s new high-tech laptop, the Notebook 7 Spin from Samsung or BestBuy outlets.

What makes it worthwhile? Keep reading to find out.

Upgrade it to Meet Your Needs

Sometimes it seems like as soon as you’ve bought a new laptop, it’s already obsolete. Or maybe you’ve purchased a laptop relatively recently but realized shortly thereafter whatever you’ve bought isn’t quite right for your needs.

The Notebook 7 Spin takes care of both of these problems by allowing you to easily upgrade it by adding up to 12 GB of RAM. Plus, you can also install a solid-state drive to boost loading speeds. If you’re fed up with using a computer that makes you waste time because it consistently loads things sluggishly, this laptop could become your new productivity pal.

Instantly Improve Your Multimedia Viewing Experience

Today’s tech-savvy consumers are increasingly relying on their laptops to watch television shows and movies. Furthermore, people spend more time watching online videos than broadcast television.

Fortunately, this laptop was built with that reality in mind. In addition to a full high-definition touch screen, it has a cool Video HDR mode that immediately enhances the colors and clarity of whatever you’re viewing on screen.

Stop Waiting So Long for the Battery to Charge

There are many great things about owning a laptop, but arguably one of the best is being able to take it almost anywhere you go. Whether you want to chat with a friend through Facebook while waiting in the bus terminal or feel like getting some work done while sitting in a park that offers Wi-Fi access, laptops certainly provide more portability than desktop models. However, all that versatility vanishes if you don’t have enough battery power to tackle your to-do list.

This common scenario shouldn’t be so much of a problem if you’re using the Notebook 7 Spin. After charging the battery for just 20 minutes, you’ll have two hours of functionality. Furthermore, you can get a full battery charge in 100 minutes or less, depending on which model you choose.

A Versatile Screen and Smartly Designed Keyboard

As the name suggests, the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin features a 360-degree touchscreen panel that allows you to move the screen to the desired viewing angle for better comfort and convenience. Whether you’re trying to avoid glare from the sunlight or are curled up on the couch to watch the next episode of a beloved sitcom, this laptop’s screen swiftly switches to whatever angle suits you.

The keyboard is user friendly, too. It has an automatically activated backlight, allowing you to clearly see what you’re typing while in dim environments, and not have to spend time fiddling with keystrokes and buttons to figure out how to illuminate the keys.

The ergonomic shape lets you type speedily in comfort, plus you can depend on hot keys to toggle quickly between most-used features. The larger of the two models of the Notebook 7 Spin has an integrated number pad, which should be useful if you spend a lot of time crunching numbers and filling spreadsheet cells.

Use it the Way That Works for You

You can also use this convertible laptop in three different modes. Rely on it as a standard laptop for simple typing and general computing. Stand it up on a hard surface like a tent for hands-free viewings of movies with friends or use it as a tablet while taking full advantage of the device’s touch sensitivity. No matter how you like to go online, enjoy media or connect with friends, the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin makes it simple.

The laptop comes in a 13.3-inch size, or with a 15.6-inch screen. It has a starting price of $799.99, so the cost for all these cool features won’t drain your bank account.

Although there are many laptops to look at if you’re considering something new, the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin is worth examining closer for the reasons described above and many others. The largest of the two choices weighs only five pounds, so by purchasing this gadget, you’ll discover how it packs a punch despite its sleek build.