Looking for Omegle Alternatives? Try These Options

January 2, 2024 • Shannon Flynn


Most people have been in situations where they’ve wanted to talk to someone for fun, but all their friends were busy, asleep or otherwise unavailable. Omegle helps that happen. It allows you to talk to strangers without registering first. You can choose text or video-based conversations and should keep your identity private. Omegle also allows typing in a few suggested chat topics. Despite those advantages, many people want to find Omegle alternatives. The internet offers lots of possibilities.


TalkwithStranger is like Omegle in that it does not require registering or logging in to start chatting with other site users. Another similarity is that you can use the site without downloading an app — although one is available if you prefer.

Although there’s no video chat option here, people can send videos or pictures to those they interact with on the site. Individuals looking for Omegle alternatives that preserve the anonymity aspect will appreciate that TalkwithStranger encourages people to use nicknames while on the site. 


Chatroulette has more name recognition than some other Omegle alternatives discussed here. It’s also unlike Omegle in that it’s not wholly randomized. You must take a selfie before starting to use the site, and that picture is a primary driver in getting strangers interested in chatting. The conversation will only begin once you and a potential chat partner accept the other’s request. You must be up for video chats, though. Chatroulette doesn’t offer text-only ones. 

Chatroulette allows users to filter results and find people from specific countries. That could be beneficial if you’re learning a language and want to go beyond what your textbook teaches. The site gives you the chance to talk to the site’s most popular users, too. However, that feature requires spending quids — Chatroulette’s currency. You earn quids for chatting with people and having them choose you. 


The team behind Monkey explicitly describes it as an Omegle alternative, suggesting they’ve targeted the other site’s user base. The two sites are alike because you can use them without downloading a mobile app. Omegle doesn’t have one, and Monkey does not require it — although there is an Android app. You can type monkey.app into any browser window, and that’s the first step to start chatting. However, Monkey requires registration.

Something that sets Monkey apart from the other Omegle alternatives covered here so far is that it has duo and group modes. The first of those allows you and one other friend to find strangers to chat with on Monkey at the same time. The group setting is similar, but up to four people can use it at once.   


If you’re looking for Omegle alternatives and feel frustrated that most expect users to chat via video, Meetzur is for you. It gets back to basics — and shares Omegle characteristics — by functioning solely as a text-communication site that people use without registering. 

People can have random chats with others in English or five other languages. However, one thing to note is that the website is extremely basic. There are no contact details to use if you have a bad experience on the app or need other assistance. On the positive side, it’s extremely easy and quick to start chatting. 


Some of you can probably remember the early days of consumer internet services, where providers such as AOL had chat rooms for anyone to join at any time. The creators of meetyou.me took inspiration from that period and tried to put a newer spin on it with this site. 

Although everyone must create usernames and passwords, you can change yours at any time by simply logging out and signing up again as if you were coming to the site for the first time. Chatting takes place in private rooms where you and one other person can share images and videos. meetyou.me is another one of the Omegle alternatives that does not have an app version. You’ll use it in a browser. 


Omegle — and many other chat websites like it — requires users to be at least 18. However, Yesichat appeals to a younger audience by opening it to people who are 13 or over. People can share images, videos and links when talking to others.

Content on the Yesichat site indicates there are anti-spam controls, but no details beyond that. It also shows users get promoted, giving them higher ranks and more features. However, there are no specifics that might catch someone’s interest. 

Staying Safe With Omegle Alternatives 

Although the internet opens tremendous opportunities to communicate with people from anywhere in the world and at any time, it also creates instances where individuals misuse the sites. Discord spans beyond chatting, but it encrypts messages for improved safety. Even so, best practices suggest you should never reveal highly sensitive or personal information there. 

It’s also worth mentioning that adults monitoring Omegle for a BBC investigation got paired with dozens of minors during that time, suggesting an urgent need for much-improved moderation. Although Omegle and the alternatives discussed above state age requirements, little or no verification occurs. The BBC report also featured perspectives from teenagers who said they frequently saw explicit content on the service, matching the first-hand experiences of the investigators. 

Although some Omegle alternatives mentioned here have moderation policies that include human and artificial intelligence-based moderation, that’s not the norm with these sites. The best way to protect yourself is to become familiar with any processes a chat service has for reporting inappropriate behavior. Unfortunately, the anonymous aspects of these sites could make it difficult or impossible to identify and reprimand offenders. 

However, one good thing about these sites being browser-based is that you can close the window in a second or two. A potential precautionary measure is to only have the chat window — and no other browser tabs — open during each interaction with a stranger. Then, you’re much less likely to get confused or frazzled if you try to close a tab quickly due to disturbing content. 

Will You Use These Omegle Alternatives

Although the idea of talking to strangers makes some people uncomfortable, others get excited by it. If you’re in the latter category and want a quick way to socialize, the sites mentioned here will help. Just be sure to use them carefully and with the understanding you’ll never know who you’ll meet.