Interactive Wallpaper Apps You Can Use To Customize Your Android Device

February 15, 2018 • Devin Partida


Many people use smartphone cases that reflect their personalities and make the devices themselves look more interesting while providing crucial protection. That desire for smartphone customization makes interactive wallpaper so popular.

Sometimes referred to as live wallpaper, it dynamically changes on the screen instead of decorating your phone’s background statically. Let’s look at several interactive wallpaper apps for Android you can use to make your gadget appear more interesting than what the built-in designs provide.

1. Skyline

Google Earth is a fascinating tool that allows you to take a look at your favorite places in the world — or the destinations where you want to go. Skyline is an interactive wallpaper app that shows a satellite image of your current location or any place you select based on GPS technology. When you swipe to another page of apps on your phone’s screen, the image shifts slightly, and it does the same if you turn your smartphone.

There is also reportedly a feature in the worksthat will automatically update the wallpaper when your location changes. You may not be able to afford a plane ticket to visit a place you long for, but this app provides the next best thing.

Price: $1.99

2. Dream Night Pro

As you might guess from the name, the main background of this app features a night sky awash with soft blue moonlight. There are also a couple of tree silhouettes against the backdrop. However, you can customize the app in numerous ways.

Choose to make the moon in the corner of the app a reflection of the battery life remaining or a real-life simulation of the lunar cycle. Also, the image can include twinkling fireflies and snow that falls at your specified speed. It’s even possible to make bird sounds. Tap the sky and cause shooting stars to appear and pull down on the trees to momentarily change their shapes.

Price: $1.49

3. Space Colony

If you’ve ever wondered what outer space might look like if humans ever inhabit it, this highly detailed wallpaper app should stimulate your imagination. Use your Android’s accelerometer to change the angle of the image on the screen. Also, alter the colors of the lights illuminating the buildings and the way the sky looks in the background. Tapping your screen quickly twice automatically changes the perspective of the image shown.

Price: $1.99

4. Hypno Clock

Much more fun to watch than Android’s built-in clock feature, this live wallpaper gives you a glimpse into the inner workings of a mechanical timepiece. Watch as the gears move and the hands on the face show you the actual time. Select from over 16 million colors to find a hue that looks fabulous on your smartphone’s home screen. Also, adjust the speed of the clock’s movements to your liking.

Price: Free

5. Fracta

Fill your screen with polygon shapes after downloading this visually pleasing app. Select one of four themes or pick other colors. Whenever you tilt your phone or scroll through its screens, Fracta shifts in perspective.

Price: Free

6. Sea Life Live Wallpaper

Waiting rooms often feature fish tanks because of the calming effect they have on people, not to mention the natural beauty they bring. Sea Life Live wallpaper offers some of the benefits of watching fish swim serenely without requiring with any of the upkeep such as cleaning the tank or sticking to a feeding schedule.

It includes brightly colored fish and other types of marine life, and you can bring new ones into the present scene just by tapping the screen. Pick one of five backgrounds based on your preferences. It’s also possible to change the speed of the objects floating on the screen. This wallpaper app is fully functional when your Android’s in landscape mode.

Price: Free

As you can see, it’s easy to spice up your Android’s background. Even better, these apps are free or reasonably priced, so they won’t blow your budget.