How to See Retakes on BeReal (Can You Hide Retakes?)

May 24, 2023 • Zachary Amos


Retakes on Bereal are a fun way to see how many tries it took your friends to get their posts just right. If you’re having trouble seeing them, figuring out where to look is pretty simple. It’s also easy to hide them from your friends if that’s what you’re after. 

How to See Retakes on BeReal

If you tap the “X” on the top right of your screen and re-attempt your shot, you’ll add to the retake count.

To see your own retakes on BeReal, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the post you want to see the retake count for.
  2. Tap on the post.
  3. The retake number should appear around the center of your screen, along with a few other stats. 

If you’re wondering how to see your friends’ retakes, it’s a pretty similar process. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate your friend’s post you want to see the retake count for.
  2. Tap the “Add a comment” option or select the icon on the right side of your screen. You can also press the date they took the picture.
  3. The retake number should appear around the center of your screen, in the same place yours appeared. 

How to Hide Retakes on BeReal

Curious about how to hide retakes on BeReal? They’re supposed to be visible as soon as you upload your post. Even though the app is all about authenticity and living in the moment, there’s no harm in getting a more flattering angle the second time around. 

It’s okay to take multiple pictures, but it can be tricky to hide your retakes on BeReal. That said, you’ve still got a few options if you’re determined to hide them. 

1. Close the App

Every time you tap that little “x” on the top right of your screen, it counts as a retake. The most obvious answer to avoiding it is to simply not press it. Instead, close out of the app. Make sure it’s not still running in the background and is entirely off. Wait a few seconds before reopening it.

If you time it right, it won’t remember your attempt, and you’ll be able to take multiple retakes on BeReal without worrying about the count going up. However, you should try to perfect the next few shots since you only have two minutes after the notification to get the picture or you’ll be “late.” 

2. Turn Your Phone Off 

If closing out of the app and waiting for a while isn’t enough, you might have to turn your phone off. Don’t just turn the screen off — make sure it’s completely shut down. You can wait a few moments before turning it back on to be safe. Once you’ve started it back up again and reopened the app, it shouldn’t register that you tried to take a picture. 

3. Delete Cookies and Cache

You want to try the other two options before this one because there’s a chance it’ll take more than two minutes — and you’ll be late to post your BeReal. Still, clearing your cache is a pretty simple and effective method. Your “cache” is how software or hardware stores data to process more quickly in the future. 

Clearing it gets rid of that information. While people usually do it to free up some storage space, you can use it to trick the BeReal app into thinking you don’t have retakes. It essentially removes the app’s knowledge about you, so you get a second chance. 

How to Clear Your Cache

The process is pretty simple, but it varies depending on your phone type. Make sure you write down your login information before you begin the process so you can get back on the app quickly. 

On an iPhone

Go to your settings and tap “General,” then “iPhone Storage” to find the screen with all your apps. Scroll until you find BeReal, and then tap it. You want to select the “Offload App” option. When you get a notification saying the app will delete and its data will remain, go ahead and click “Offload App” again. You need to fully uninstall and reinstall it for a successful clearing. Close out of your settings completely, get the app again and open it once you’re done. 

On an Android

Make sure your phone has the latest update and close the app before you begin to continue with no issues. Go to your settings and tap “Storage,” then “Apps” to see all the ones you have downloaded. Find BeReal and press it, then choose the “Clear Cache” option. Afterward, you want to close out of your settings completely before you open the app. 

Why Can’t I See Retakes on BeReal?

In the past, retakes on BeReal were hidden unless you had more than 10 friends, but recent updates may have changed their policy. Even though the update rolled out a while ago, there’s been plenty of confusion around it. Many people assumed the option was removed entirely, but that’s not the case. An October update changed the location of retakes on BeReal from the three dots to the comments. Now, you can either select the comment icon or the “Add a comment” option. 

Also, all features — including the number of retakes — are hidden by the app unless you post your own BeReal for the day. You won’t be able to see how many times your friends retook their picture unless you join in on the action.

Finding or Hiding Retakes for BeReal

Even with the latest update, finding where retakes are on BeReal is simple. It’s also still possible to hide the number of attempts it took you to get it right. While the app is all about being in the moment in the moment, it’s okay to want to retake a photo without seeing that count go up. Sometimes you sneeze, blink or just need a better angle. Whatever the case is, you can use a few different methods to make it look like you got the perfect shot in one try.