How to Improve Your Tinder Search Skills

July 8, 2019 • Shannon Flynn


Tinder is an app that can be used to meet singles near you. With an estimate of nearly 50 million active users, it’s easy to find new people and reconnect with old flings.

Getting started is easy. Set up a profile with a few flattering photos and a short bio, including your age and location. Then choose the type of relationship you’re looking for — casual, serious, friends-with-benefits, etc. — and the kind of person you want to meet. If you’re looking to meet friends instead of potential partners, you might want a try an app like Bumble BFF or Skout.

In a matter of seconds, Tinder will begin showing photos of possible matches. Swipe right if you’re interested and left if you’re not.

When someone swipes right on your profile that you’ve already shown interest in, you’ll be able to message each other. Simple, right? While the process is easy, there are a few insider tricks you can use to perfect your Tinder search skills and meet better matches.

Create a Stunning Profile

The best way to improve your chances on Tinder is to go all-out on your profile. Show off a bit of your personality before the conversation starts up. If you’re uploading multiple pictures, make the first one your strongest. Write a bio that speaks directly to your ideal match, including what you’re looking for and what you can live without. And don’t be afraid to show off what you love, whether it be collecting baseball cards, playing frisbee golf or visiting alleged UFO landing sites.

Add Your Preferences

When you perform a tinder search, get the best results by plugging in your ideal date preferences. Adjust how far you’re willing to look, whether it be 10 miles or 60. You can customize the age range to search within. Plus you can narrow possible matches by gender. Once you begin to swipe through your results, Tinder’s algorithm will remember who you like and begin to show people with similar characteristics.

Change Your Location

If you have Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus, you can search a broader range of people by changing your location. Visiting a new city? Type in your destination — whether it be San Francisco, New York City or London — to find cute locals. Tired of seeing the same old potential matches showing up in your home feed? Change your location to a nearby city to meet people who live further away.

Search by Username

Are you looking for a specific someone? You can find the profile even if it doesn’t show up in your tinder search. In the app, open the settings and click on “Username.” Here is where you can set your username and get the URL for your profile. It should look something like tinder.com/@YourUsername. Switch out your username with another to find a specific person’s profile. If you don’t have a username, try guessing with an alias from another social media site.

Upgrade to Tinder Passport

Are you a world traveler — or potential adventurer — who wants to meet possible matches from around the world? Upgrade to Tinder Passport to change your location and connect with people anywhere in the world. Planning a trip to Mulan? Set up a wine tasting date with a handsome Italian before you depart. Heading below the equator to enjoy the pleasures of Mexico? Schedule a picnic at ancient Mayan ruins and learn about history from a local.

Make the most of Tinder by taking your search skills to the next level. Create a knockout profile that will stand out and attract all the local cuties. If you’re tired of being relegated to the same location, upgrade to Tinder Gold or Tinder Passport to meet potential matches around the globe. And if you’re seeking someone specific, try searching for a profile with a specific URL. And remember to relax — dating is all about having fun and enjoying yourself.