Get the Most Out of Siri With These Secret Commands and Questions (2023 Update)

June 28, 2023 • Shannon Flynn


Digital assistants are increasing in sophistication to the point that they can surprise us with their responses and functions. One of the most popular personal assistants, Apple’s Siri, actually has an abundance of responses and secret commands that are unknown to even longtime users. Knowledge of these commands can help you get the most out of Siri.

Creepy Things to Ask Siri at Bedtime

Everyone loves a good story, especially at night. Siri seems well aware of the allure of a bedtime tale. Go ahead and prompt her by saying, “Tell me a bedtime story.”

The resulting response may involve a three-headed Gollypod, a tiny jumping snail and silver monkeys. A story of a Zoltaxian cow jumping over the third moon may result, as well, or even a joke that could mean you asking for a “dark matter cookie” next.

Either way, the notion of asking Siri for a bedtime or scary story seems to intrigue her, as she has several short tales to share. It’s one of many examples of how to get the most out of Siri. You may ask for creepy things and receive not-so-terrifying responses. On the scarier end, just wait until you hear Siri’s tale of a person who did not back up their data to the cloud.

Romantic Questions

Ask, “Hey, Siri, will you marry me?” and you’re likely to get a polite but firm rejection along the lines of, “I really like what we have now, where you ask me stuff and I tell you stuff. Yeah, that’s the stuff” and, “I’d rather DJ the wedding.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” also prompts a range of funny answers, including, “No, but I’m always dating. Try saying, ‘What’s the date?'” and, “My end user licence agreement is commitment enough for me.”

Ask her if she loves you and you might get a response like, “I respect you” or, “Well, I enjoy spending quality time with you.”

If you ask Siri to dance with you, she might respond, “Aw, I wish I could. I’d be a great dance partner, since I’ll never step on your toes.”

Other Helpful Commands

Many know that Siri can set alarms, make calls, send texts and emails, manage reminders, inform you of sports scores and adjust screen brightness and volume. These are impressive enough, though it’s understandable that you may want to test Siri’s limits.

Tell Siri to roll the dice if you need a random number from one to six. Ask her to roll two dice, and she’ll give you the numbers on the individual dice. This feature doesn’t seem to work for anything more than two dice.

The virtual assistant is also capable of answering many mathematical questions, even those that make no sense. Ask her, “What is zero divided by zero?” and you’ll get a coy, “If nothing is divided by nothing, then there’s nothing to divide, or divide it with, and the division never happened. So my answer is… No.” But ask a logical question and Siri serves as a verbal calculator.

Another helpful feature is to tell Siri to “Remind me of this.” The virtual assistant will add whatever you’re looking at on the screen to the Reminders section on your phone.

If you use Siri to place a call, you can say, “Hey, Siri! Call my dad on speaker.” She will put the call on speakerphone.

You can tell Siri to look up a topic to bring up web results for it. You can even ask her to search for photos.

Another useful feature is dictation. Say, “Hey, Siri, make a note.” You can then start dictating into your phone, and the virtual assistant will write your words down.

Did you know you can also use Siri to get real-time traffic updates? Ask, “How long would it take me to drive to…?” Siri will give you an estimate for how long it would take to drive there and which route to take. Ask her to take you home to get quick directions to your house. If you need walking directions, say, “Give me walking directions to…” This command may open the Maps app.

If your fridge is running on empty, tell Siri to add cheese to the shopping list. She will add it to a Reminders list on your phone.

List people’s birthdays in your contact list to quickly ask Siri when someone’s birthday is. No more frantic shopping trips because you remembered it at the last second!

Get the Most out of Siri: More Tricks and Hacks

You can ask Siri various prompts and receive funny responses by following these tricks and hacks. Here are some of the top things you can ask and hear her secret commands:

  • “What are you wearing?”
  • “How old are you?”
  • “Beatbox for me.”
  • “When is the end of the world?”
  • “Who created you?”
  • “Why do you vibrate?”
  • “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

With this variety of functions, Siri shows a range of eclectic features and abilities, from dropping a beat to providing flight maps and witty quips to questions you should be able to answer on your own. Apple may not have created Siri with entertainment in mind, but she certainly doesn’t disappoint.