Educational Apps for Kids You Can Try Today

December 9, 2020 • Shannon Flynn

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Childhood development experts often advise limiting youngsters’ screen time. That’s a wise tip to follow, but it doesn’t mean you have to take away their devices. The internet has a huge assortment of educational apps for kids that can keep them entertained and teach them valuable skills. Here are eight to consider. 

1.  Fish School

This is a marine-themed app for toddlers and preschoolers that teaches them the basics of shapes, colors, letters and more. The interactive interface encourages learners to tap and drag the content on the screen to make the sea creatures do funny things. 

This app also teaches the ABC Song, helping little ones commit letters and the alphabet order to memory. Parents mention that colorful graphics stimulate their children’s curiosity and desire to explore. 

Android | iOS 

2. Math Kids

If your child wants a break from mathematics homework, educational apps for kids could solidify the concepts learned in a more fun way. Math Kids is an excellent option for children in preschool through first grade who want to improve their math skills. 

The apps modules cover addition, subtraction, counting and comparisons. There are also quizzes associated with each subject that help check comprehension. Adults can adjust the difficulty level for the content or see past performance records, too.

Android | iOS

3. National Geographic GeoBee Challenge

Many learning apps for kids try to unleash their competitive streaks to get them thoroughly engaged in the content. The National Geographic GeoBee Challenge app is a prime example. It’s an option intended for youngsters in grades 4-8 and has more than 1,300 multiple-choice  questions, and 1,000 map locator challenges to help users become increasingly familiar with their world. 

Bonus rounds ramp up the challenge by showing people photos and asking them to use maps to identify what the picture contains.  Since the application doesn’t indicate the snapshot location, kids have to use critical thinking to solve the puzzle. 

Android | iOS

4. SkySafari

Unlock the mysteries of a starry sky with this app that introduces the whole family to astronomy. Aim your smartphone towards the heavens to quickly locate constellations, planets, satellites and more. The complementing information in the app helps people have a renewed appreciation for what they can see once the sun goes down. 

Check out the simulation feature to see what the sky looked like hundreds or thousands of years ago compared to today. Another section lets you retrieve data about the Sun, Moon or Mars from a database, then get directed on how to find it in the sky in front of you. 

Android | iOS

5. Code Karts

You may have come across some educational apps for kids that get them set for future careers. Code Karts does it by introducing kids to coding with go karting-themed games. This app — intended for children aged four and up — has more than 70 levels, so it’s sure to keep them occupied. 

The goal is to help a race car across the finish line. Young people accomplish the feat by analyzing the track environment, using logical thinking and learning about the importance of sequencing. Learners also earn coins they can redeem to custom their vehicles. 

Android | iOS

6. Duolingo Kids

Duolingo has quickly become one of the most popular apps for language learning. Adults are the target audience for the main version of the app, but the company recently launched Duolingo Kids for a younger audience. 

The lessons go beyond single vocabulary words and instruct users to form and remember whole sentences. You can set the app to teach kids English, Spanish or French. They’ll love the gamified approach to becoming multilingual. 

iOS (The company plans to release an Android version eventually)

7. NSF Science Zone

Sometimes educators and parents give high marks to educational apps for kids as frequently as younger users. Such a situation happened with this option from the National Science Foundation. Its comprehensive library of video content lets users find interesting clips based on the scientific disciplines that fascinate them the most. 

People praise the easy-to-use interface and love how the material supplements their more formal learning efforts. There’s also the ability to add favorite content to a list to speedily revisit it. 

Android | iOS

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8. PictureThis 

Perhaps you have a child who constantly points at the plants and flowers they see and asks you to identify them. Instead of just saying, “That’s a pretty plant” or something similarly vague, you can get specific with the PictureThis app. 

It claims to give more than 95% accuracy when identifying the natural wonders you encounter while exploring your neighborhood or tending to a garden. The app can also identify weeds and enables connecting with experienced gardeners to diagnose plant problems. This title falls under the educational apps for kids umbrella, but you’ll soon see why adults will love it, too. 

Android | iOS

Educational Apps for Kids Makes Play Time Constructive

This list shows that young people can interact with gadgets and learn at the same time. You’ll still need to monitor them to keep the overall minutes to a manageable level. Nevertheless, it’s easier than you may think to turn a smartphone or tablet into an educational gateway.