Can These Multitasking Apps Improve Your Productivity?

December 22, 2014 • Devin Partida


girl on phone

If you find yourself with numerous tasks to accomplish during any given day, you may feel that multitasking is the best option.

After all, it’s very easy to feel accomplished when you are attempting to tackle several tasks at once.

However, there is some debate as to whether or not standard multitasking methods are indeed productive.

According to Forbes, multitasking is blamed on lower productivity among students. In essence, what we call multitasking is “inefficient task-switching”.

Is there a way to make multitasking more efficient and increase productivity?

It depends on what you mean by “multitasking” and how you go about being productive.

As you know, phones were once strictly for making and receiving calls. If you wanted to access the internet, listen to music, play games, or get work done, a host of other technological tools were needed.

When those tools became combined in the form of smartphones, it made forms of multitasking inevitable.

If you wish to use your smartphone to increase your productivity, there are certain multitasking apps that can be used to help you.

WordPress App

Who say’s you have to sit at home in front of your computer to blog? If you’re trying to write content for your WordPress site but have places to be, the WordPress app is perfect.

You can create and edit content on your phone, add pictures, and even share your location.

If you happen to be on vacation while wanting to keep your followers updated, you can both enjoy your trip AND manage your blog. It also allows you to readily switch between browsers when you use it.

Evernote App

Evernote is a life-saver for those who not only wish to multi-task more effectively, but persons who find themselves unable to keep track of their “to-do” lists.

This app allows you to create and organize detailed notes in the form of photographs, text, and audio recordings.

You can make these recordings while using other apps on your phone, and recorded material can be automatically synced to your laptop or tablet.

Connect your Evernote app to a host of other apps to send your productivity soaring.

LinkedIn App

Whether you’re job-hunting or simply wanting to keep up with industry trends, it’s a good idea have the Linkedin app handy.

It connects with other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook allowing you to keep everyone in your professional and personal circles updated about your work progress.

If you’re hoping to hire someone, the app helps you sort through potential employees and keep track of your company’s recruitment progress at the same time.

Multitasking App For Android

The app’s name says it all. This android application allows you to open multiple tools at the same time. Size and arrange them according to whatever best meets your priorities.

If you need to browse the internet for articles, watch a video to obtain vital information, and then take notes, you can easily accomplish all of these with this app.

The key to these apps is that they allow you to accomplish various goals at the same time or within a small window of time rather than manually switching from task to task and getting very little accomplished.

In other words, these applications seem to fit the spirit of multitasking without limiting productivity.

The more you are expected to switch between tasks, doing one at a time, the less productive you will be.

Making the most of smartphones and related productivity means seeking out forms of technology that will ideally allow you to accomplish as much as possible in a small window of time with as little personal effort as possible.