The Best To-Do List Apps of 2020

September 25, 2020 • Devin Partida


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You’ll often hear people cite smartphones as some of our most substantial distractions. While these devices can be attention hogs, they can also benefit you if you have trouble staying focused. Plenty of to-do list apps can help you stay on top of things.

The modern world is a busy place, and our technology, however handy, can be distracting. Whether you have a lot on your plate or get preoccupied easily, you may need some productivity help. Thankfully, like with everything else these days, there’s an app for that.

Here are 10 of the best to-do list apps for 2020.

1. Todoist

Accessibility is one of the most valuable qualities for a to-do list, and that’s where Todoist shines. It has an easy-to-use interface, natural language input and cross-platform support. Todoist’s to-do list can even integrate with other services like Google Calendar and Slack.

Todoist doesn’t sacrifice power for accessibility, either. It comes loaded with handy features like custom labels and productivity reports. You can get Todoist for free or pay for the premium version for only $3 a month.

2. Asana

If you need a solution for working as a team, Asana might be the way to go. Asana lets you create to-do lists and workflows for your entire team, allowing you to track who’s supposed to do what by when. You can even use it to automate some repetitive tasks, saving you more time.

Asana’s interface may take some getting used to, but once you do, it’s an excellent tool. It comes in a free version and three paid tiers: Premium for $13.49 a month, Business for $30.49 a month and Enterprise, which varies. 


Another great to-do app for your phone or desktop is, especially for collaborative work. Like Asana, lets you see everyone’s to-do list in one central hub. You can drag and drop new items into different lists and organize them by urgency.

If you get the Enterprise level of licensing, you’ll also get ’round-the-clock professional support. comes in four tiers: Basic, Standard, Pro and Enterprise, starting at $8 per user per month.

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4. Microsoft To-Do

You might’ve heard positive things about the Wunderlist to-do list app, and if so, there’s bad news and good news. Wunderlist is no longer around, but on the plus side, the team behind it designed Microsoft To-Do, its successor. As you’d expect from Microsoft, this app is clean, easy to use and integrates well with other Microsoft tools like Outlook and Windows operating systems.

Microsoft To-Do doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other to-do list apps, but what it does have works well. It’s easy to create and share new tasks, even from other apps. Best of all, Microsoft To-Do is free.

5. TickTick

If you want a to-do app with an abundance of features, TickTick has you covered. It supports natural language processing, keyboard shortcuts and mobile widgets, making it easier to add tasks. You can also organize items in various ways and ad sub-tasks to each one.

TickTick even has a built-in Pomodoro timer that helps you break your work into 25-minute chunks. You can get this app for free or a Premium version for $2.40 a month.

6. OmniFocus

Apple-exclusive to-do list app OmniFocus is one of the most flexible options out there. You start with six ways to view your schedule, and with the Pro version, you can add even more. You can tweak and organize tasks on a granular level, giving you total control.

If you like to control every aspect of an app, OmniFocus may be the right choice. Since it’s an Apple exclusive, it’s one of the best to-do lists for iPhone users, too. OmniFocus Standard costs $49.99 per year, while OmniFocus Pro costs $99.99 per year.

7. Google Tasks

If you’re not an Apple user, Google’s to-do list, Google Tasks, is an alternative. This app isn’t as feature-rich as some other offerings, but it’s one of the most accessible and well-functioning. You can add and organize tasks quickly, but you don’t have many options for doing so.

As you’d expect with a Google to-do list, it integrates well with apps like Gmail and Google Drive. If you use a lot of Google services, this free app may be the one for you.

8. Remember the Milk

One of the best desktop to-do lists is Remember the Milk, thanks to its keyboard shortcut support. Apart from these shortcuts, you can also add and manage tasks through Alexa or Google Assistant. There’s also a mobile version, which can sync with your desktop list.

Remember the Milk supports a wide array of other app integrations, too. There’s a free version, but you can get the Pro version for $39.99 a year, which offers increased collaborative features.

9. Trello

If you need collaboration more than anything, Trello could be the right way to go. It’s more of a project management tool than a list-keeping app, but Trello’s to-do lists work well. It has an intuitive interface, multiple organizational tools and unlimited users.

Trello also features a tool called Butler that can automate repetitive organizational work. Trello’s to-do list services have a decent free version and a paid version for $9.99 per user per month.

10. Evernote

Though it’s primarily a note-taking app, you can use Evernote as a to-do list. With Evernote, you can record tasks in a variety of forms, from text to voice memos to sketches. This variety, plus the app’s organizational tools and cross-device syncing, make it an excellent option for a to-do list.

Evernote can be an exceptional collaborative to-do app as well, offering easy sharing and uploads. You can get a free version of the app or two paid plans for $7.99 a month and $14.99 a month.

Use These Apps to Become More Productive

Whether you need a to-do list on iPhone, Android, Mac or PC, there’s an option out there for you. You can also find to-do list apps to fit any budget, even some that don’t cost anything. As you can see in this list, no matter what your needs are, you can get an app to help keep you focused.

Life today can be busy, but thankfully, technology can help.