10 Best Free TV Apps

August 11, 2022 • Devin Partida


With today’s technology, streaming movies from anywhere is easy. Some people are even cutting the cord and removing their cable subscriptions. To save even more money, there are multiple free options. Here are ten of the best free tv apps.   

1. Peacock 

This streaming option has a large variety of content with Classic Shows like The Office and 30 Rock. It also has tons of movies, including Harry Potter and Jurassic Park. So, you can find whatever genre you’re in the mood for that night. 

You can also sample original shows or enjoy live channels. To watch, you need to make an account with an email address and password. Other tiers cost money to stream additional content.

2. Pluto TV

This is one of the best free tv apps for live television. You can browse shows in a grid style for easy navigation. You can watch channels such as TV Land, BET and MTV. If you’re a sports or news fan, you can access classic brands like CNN and Fox Sports. 

Although, they do run on curated clips and not actual live broadcasts. You can still watch a variety of television shows, like Baywatch. However, its content isn’t as modern as other platforms. 

3. Roku Channel

The Roku app automatically comes with a Roku Tv device. Although, you can now download it on your phone or tablet. It is even available on the web. You don’t need to register and can watch as a guest. 

You might want to sign up to continue watching content on another device. It offers a variety of movies and television shows, including 2 Broke Girls and Goose Bumps. The service streams the first episode of cable shows, like Game of Thrones and Billions. However, some of its content isn’t the most recent. 

4. Amazon Freevee

This service was formerly known as IMDb TV. It comes automatically with Fire TVs and Fire Sticks. You can also access it through the Amazon Prime Video app. Freevee has a large library of on-demand content. The television shows include classics like The First 48. There are also past favorites like Lost

The app even has original content, such as Leverage: Redemption. Amazon plans to increase its original content by 70%. 

 5. Tubi 

Tubi is similar to Netflix, with a large library to choose from. The service doesn’t have high-profile tiles or originals. However, it has a selection of content from The Terminator to Foxcatcher. The platform has a user-friendly experience. The home page is divided into sections, such as “Recently Added.” 

It even has a funny section called “Not on Netflix.” You don’t need to create an account. However, it is helpful to access parental controls and viewing history. 

6. Crackle 

Crackle has television shows, movies and even original programming. You don’t need to make an account if you want to add favorites. The shows aren’t the newest, but you can find a classic selection, like Seinfeld. This show is one of the top most-watched shows among viewers. The movie library is larger than the television one. It includes movies such as Edge of Tomorrow and The 30-Day Rule

Most tiles are ones you can find on rotation on basic cable networks. It also is one of the best free Tv apps because it features actors like Martin Freeman and Bryan Cranston.

7. Vudu

This digital marketplace lets you purchase the latest movies and shows. You can stream content as well. You need to sign up for an account. You can then access a variety of television shows, such as Hell’s Kitchen. The movie section features a little more recent content, like Troy and The Prestige.

The service also plans to release originals, like Albedo with Evangeline Lilly. The interface is easy to navigate with clearly marked free titles. You do have to deal with ads, but at least the app is within your budget.

8. Sling Free

This service has a free section along with its paid option. You can get live channels like ABC. However, the other choices aren’t the most current. You can find a variety of television shows, such as Forensic Files and 3rd Rock as well. 

The movie section has limited options, with recent titles like Crocodile. Although, this may be an easy way to test out the subscription service to see if it’s worth paying the higher-tier monthly fee.  

9. Xumo

Xumo comes with multiple major smart television brands and can also download on Roku. You don’t need to register and can access popular channels like NBC News, Fox Sports and TMZ. You can also watch television shows, like Forensic Files and Family Feud

The layout is a grid shape and the on-demand area lists all the channels, broken down by genre. You can also watch movies, such as 21 Jump Street. 

10. Popcornflix 

Check out this streaming service if you’re a big action, sci-fi or horror fan. It has movies and shows under categories, like “Sci-Fi Sanctuary” and “Disasterpiece Theater.” You can access the app on any Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or Roku device. You can watch shows like Kitchen Nightmares or Forensic Files

You may need to watch a few ads, though. Other streaming methods include your Xbox One or any Apple or iOS mobile device.

The Best Free TV Apps

Having friends over for a movie night shouldn’t break the bank. There are plenty of free streaming apps that offer a variety of content. Consider one of these ​​best free Tv apps for your next viewing.