Apps That Boost Your Creativity

March 19, 2023 • Zachary Amos


At times, it might feel like it’s impossible to tap into your creative side. No one is immune from inspiration blocks, but they can quickly become a source of frustration if left unchecked. Though we cannot always access our creativity, it is important to feel inspired and creative, especially when working in the professional world. For example, creators will use the Adobe Illustrator Draw app to bring their ideas to life, but there are many other creativity apps to help spark your imagination.

If you’re looking for new ways to inspire creativity, consider checking out some of the apps described below, as they could open you up to new possibilities. 

1. Canva

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows you to create intriguing, eye-catching designs for all types of projects. 

You can design invitations, newsletters, infographics, social media posts and more using Canva. The platform is easy to use because it offers mostly drag-and-drop functionality. 

2. Brainsparker

Another app to help boost your creativity is Brainsparker. The app stretches your creative muscle by showing you thought-provoking words and phrases. 

If you want to move to the next card, shake your device. Sometimes all you need to spark creativity is to see new words or phrases to get the gears in your mind turning.

3. Procreate

If you enjoy sketching or drawing, Procreate is a great app. Although Procreate is most often used by professional artists, anyone with a device can download it. 

The app won Apple’s Design Award in 2022 — and for good reason. You can create animations, sketches, illustrations, graphic designs and other creative forms with Procreate. 

4. Blek

If you want to have fun while tapping into your creativity, consider downloading Blek. It’s an open-ended game with a simple objective — create a line that connects the circles without touching the black holes. 

The game forces you to think creatively, which can help carry you through your other projects.

5. Curator

Looking for ways to collect and organize your ideas into something understandable? If so, look no further than Curator. 

The app can help you create presentations, mood boards and other visualizations to spark creativity and imagination. This app, like Canva, uses a drag-and-drop interface, so it’s easy to use.

6. Adobe XD

Adobe is well-known for its full suite of apps and software to help creators with designing. For example, the Adobe Illustrator Draw app can help artists render new illustrations and sketches. Adobe XD is another Adobe product, and is one of the best tools for creating mobile websites or apps. 

You can start with a blank canvas or design your site according to which device it’ll be on, such as an iPhone or iPad. The app offers user interface (UI) kits to help you get started with your designs. 

7. WordPalette

Writer’s block is a common phenomenon creatives experience when coming up with original content ideas. 

However, WordPalette might be a potential solution to writer’s block. Songwriters even use the app to come up with lyrics for songs! Consider using WordPalette if you’re trying to write and feel stuck.

8. Notability

Last but not least is Notability. A lack of creativity can come from distractions or feeling overwhelmed by ideas. 

You can regain a sense of confidence while using Notability to jot down all of your thoughts and creative ideas. It’s essentially a note-taking app, but it has useful templates that can help you organize your ideas in a way that works best for you.

Tap Into Your Creative Side With These Apps

Feeling a lack of creativity can be frustrating, especially if it’s affecting your professional life and productivity. However, there are ways around it and some of these apps can help you get back on track. Consider using one of these apps to tap into your creative side!