8 Best Weight Loss Apps to Help You Meet Your Goals

January 28, 2021 • Shannon Flynn

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Many people struggle to lose weight for years. Some get so fed up that they ultimately become discouraged enough to give up altogether. Fortunately, there is a huge assortment of weight loss apps that could help you avoid that outcome. Here are eight worth checking out. 

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1. View2Lose

It’s common to have daydreams of what you’ll look like when you lose weight. Those hope-filled visions aren’t always accurate, though. When the reality falls short of what you imagined, it’s hard to stay encouraged.

View2Lose uses more than two decades of body image data to show you what you’ll look like after reaching each 10-pound milestone. That way, you’ll have more accurate perceptions and see that progress does happen, even if not always on the schedule you wanted.

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2. MyFitnessPal

Most experts say that slimming down most effectively happens when people make both dietary and activity-based changes. The best weight loss apps often focus on both of those aspects. MyFitnessPal is one of them. You can also link dozens of other well-being applications to it. 

The app has a database of more than 11 million foods, helping you become more educated about calorie counts and nutritional value. People can also scan barcodes associated with consumables to streamline the process. From the workout side of things, there’s a community of people sharing their tips, favorite moves and more. 

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3. Lose It!

Lose It! goes beyond the tracking features of some of the other apps here by letting users keep tabs on macronutrients and water intake. It also has a feature that lets people take pictures of what’s on their plates to get help recording it. 

You’ll also set a goal and indicate how quickly you want to achieve it. The app then provides personal statistics to help people track trends and identify what’s in their power to influence.

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4. Nike Training Club

In the ideal situation, you’ll meet your goals related to the number on the scale, and become a stronger, healthier person. Nike Training Club is different than the applications that focus solely on shedding pounds. Indeed, people use it for reasons beyond that one. 

However, it deserves a place on a list of the best weight loss apps due to the breadth of content provided to spice up your workouts. You can unwind with a yoga session or get your heart rate up while participating in cardio. The app also shows you the equipment needed — if any — to take part in a chosen workout. 

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5. Hilton Head Health ON DEMAND

Hilton Head Health has a long history as a wellness resort. It now offers the next best thing by providing streaming content for subscribers. There are three main themed tiers. Move Well is exercise-related, while Eat Well gives you healthy recipes to try and makes nutritional concepts more understandable. Finally, Be Well centers on the behavioral and lifestyle changes that can bolster your well-being. 

There is also the 16-week REAL Weight Loss plan. Subscribers can access that content for free as members. It gives them professional guidance for achieving specific success. Keep in mind that the costs start at $14.99 per month, so it’s not among the best weight loss apps for people on tight budgets, but the ever-growing content library may entice you and make it worthwhile. 

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6. Happy Scale

Many people describe their experiences of stepping on scales for periodic weigh-ins with more horror than happiness. This app aims to change their perspectives by showing them that the scale is nothing to fear. 

It works behind the scenes to analyze and predict your weight trends, giving you insights into when you’ll likely hit a defined target or what the scale will look like on a certain day. Users of this app can learn it’s better to focus on patterns over time than what they weigh on a given day.


7. FatSecret

This app blends calorie counting with access to a supportive community of people who are also trying to weigh less. If you struggle with feeling alone and needing encouragement while following a plan, FatSecret’s approach could help. 

There are also food and exercise diaries, plus nutritional statistics for the items available at restaurant chains. Take a look at the healthy recipes to add some variety to what you usually cook at home, too. 

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8. Zero

The best weight loss apps covered here so far don’t center on a particular method of reaching your goals. Zero is different because it’s for people using intermittent fasting plans. That option is not right for everyone, so talk to your doctor before moving ahead with it.

If you do rely on fasting, Zero can help you be more strategic about how you go about it. It has preset and custom fasts, letting you pick the one that suits your aspirations. The app also tracks body and mood characteristics to help you see how they change over a prolonged time or based on a particular dietary plan. 

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Stay Upbeat During Your Wellness Journey

Maybe you want to slim down to boost your self-confidence or get ready for a wedding. Perhaps your physician advised you to do it for health reasons. These are some of the best weight loss apps that can help you conquer your goals.

Remember that what you weigh does not define your worth as a person, and try not to get too fixated on what the scale says. Some people get the results they want with professional, one-on-one coaching. However, it’s worth seeing if these apps assist you, too, especially for nurturing personal empowerment.