6 Work Hours Calculator Tools for Android and iOS

August 28, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


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Keeping track of time spent working is an essential way to gauge your productivity and determine if you need to make improvements. However, your work environment may not have a time clock employees use to mark their starting and ending hours. In that case, a work hours calculator could fill the void. Here are six of the best options to check out.

1. Redcort Free Time Card Calculator

Although some people like their tools to have many extra features, you may prefer using a work hours calculator that’s very straightforward like this one. Enter your starting time, ending time and any time deducted for breaks into the fields each day. Then, the calculator shows your hours in decimal format.

This work hours calculator doesn’t save the information you enter after the browser window closes, so it’s important to remember to keep it open or write down your work hours manually and enter all of them at once while using the tool. Even having a simple system in place could turn you into a more productive worker, especially if you work from home.

2. Boomr Free Work Hours Calculator

This tool has a similar format to the previous option, with a few extras. There’s a time-saving Apply to All button. It’s ideal if you have the exact time entries each day you work, and don’t want to keep entering the data repeatedly. Put the starting and ending times in two fields on the list, then click that button and watch as the other empty spaces fill in.

Above the time entry spaces, you’ll see a way to figure out the amount of your paycheck or how much you earned by working overtime.

3. Humanity Free Online Timecard Calculator

Like the tools above, this possibility from Humanity automatically calculates the hours you work as you populate the fields. You can also add deductions for breaks taken or overtime hours worked for improved accuracy.

Many apps exist to streamline your workflow for better productivity. However, it’s often ideal to go back to basics and combine your usage of those with a simple app like this one for hours tracking.

4. AttendanceBot

One of the ways you can tell you’re living in an ultramodern society is that there are chatbots to help you with almost anything. Some assist with tracking expenses, while others keep a tally of the calories you consume daily. You could even download a chatbot that monitors the effectiveness of gym workouts. So, it’s not surprising to find chatbots for work output calculations.

One of them is AttendanceBot. It integrates with Slack, the popular team communications platform. People talk to the bot with simple prompts like In or Working From Home Today, and AttendanceBot responds to say it understands and recorded those entries.

The bot also prompts people by reminding them of the commands they’ll need to know later. For example, after people punch in, it confirms that fact and tells them how to punch out at the end of the day.

Besides offering full Slack integration, AttendanceBot works with your favorite calendar and adds any leave time to it when you enter the correct command through the chatbot. You can even set up vacation autoresponders through AttendanceBot.

5. Hours

All the above apps work for any platform, and the first three are web-based, meaning you could open them on an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. However, Hours is different in that it’s currently only for iOS.

You can set different timers for the projects you work on simultaneously, which is a smart feature for most of us. Let’s face it: Even though productivity experts assert multitasking isn’t good for helping us get stuff done, most of us still do it.

There’s also a timeline view that simplifies correcting any mistakes you make. Just drag the bar to the proper place to fix a time entry.

6. Time Doctor

Time Doctor offers a feature-rich platform that permits tracking time spent for particular clients and syncing time-tracking records across platforms. Once you track time on an iOS or Android device, it also appears on your computer.

Moreover, record screenshots to demonstrate how you spend your hours on the clock. The in-depth metrics also show you things such as the apps you use that are most time-consuming. It could be useful to know that kind of information if you’re eager to make positive changes and aren’t sure how to get started.

Track Hours Worked Without Hassles

No matter what kind of job you have or the type of company that employs you, it’s essential to know how long you spend on particular projects and work in general. These tools give you the necessary information without causing frustration.