6 Popular YouTube Playlist Downloaders

September 4, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


YouTube is one of the most popular ways for people to consume media, and there are numerous reasons why. You can find almost anything imaginable on YouTube. Plus, people group similar content into playlists, making it easier to get engrossed in material without constantly searching for it. Then, you can use a YouTube playlist downloader to watch it offline. Here are six of the most chosen and appreciated options.

1. 4K Video Downloader

Consider the 4K Video Downloader as a YouTube playlist downloader that caters to your YouTube-related needs and more. Besides compatibility with YouTube, it works with videos found on Vimeo and Facebook.

Save entire YouTube playlists and channels in a variety of formats. You can also subscribe to your favorite feeds within this Mac-based YouTube playlist downloader and get the newest content automatically. You have several choices for downloading Instagram videos. Now, this tool opens up the potential for doing the same on YouTube.

The process is as simple as finding a playlist link, pasting it in the appropriate field and choosing the output format. While using the program, you can also specify which folder the downloaded files appear in on your computer. (Mac)

2. PlayList Downloader From YouTube

One reason you might want to download complete YouTube playlists is if you’re having a party. You want your gathering to feature a soundtrack that helps people get in the mood to wind down and cut loose after their stressful weeks.

Choose this Windows-based tool to turn YouTube into a party-music creator. Once you find a desirable playlist, copy and paste its URL into the correct field. Then, watch as the videos get added to a download queue and eventually are converted to MP3s.

One beneficial feature of this option is it doesn’t require using a separate conversion tool for the videos first. Despite what you might infer from the name, this tool doesn’t come directly from YouTube. It’s still a quick and straightforward tool that aids in giving you your YouTube playlist downloading fix.

One day, scientists might be able to upload knowledge to brains. Until then, we can at least use this tool to browse the back catalogs of new artists we discover, thereby getting new knowledge without such futuristic methods. (Windows)

3. YouTubeMP3 Converter

This website is the most straightforward option mentioned so far. One of the advantages of that simplicity is you can use it on any smartphone or desktop setup without platform specifics.

Get started by pasting the URL of a YouTube playlist into the provided field. Wait a moment to see details about the songs in the playlist, if provided by the creator. You can also pick a bitrate for the track downloads.

By clicking on the More Options button, you can also trim the playlist so it doesn’t include a certain portion. If you’re downloading a spoken word track, it may be helpful to use the Tempo drop-down menu and adjust the speed of the reproduced audio. (Platform independent)

4. YouTube Playlist Downloader

This entry on the list is well-reviewed by users on CNET and it has a handy feature that allows picking and choosing videos from a YouTube playlist instead of downloading all of them. People who stay on top of developments in device productivity know how manufacturers continually aim to make devices and apps that help people get more done every day.

This app is no exception. The playlist download queue shows the percentage completed for each track in a group.

Plus, if you don’t have time to download an entire playlist at once, this app offers support for pausing the download progress and resuming the task later. Then, you don’t waste time by deleting your progress after each incomplete session. There is also a component that allows downloading the material up to four times faster than normal if your internet speed suffices. (Windows)

5. AllMyTube

After you download this option, it acts as both a downloader and playlist manager, making it a streamlined and capable tool for people who love interacting with tech and using it in new ways. Once you add a playlist to the queue for downloading, consider tweaking the internal settings and making the program shut down or enter a sleep mode after the file transfers finish.

Like the previous choice, this program has a feature that lets you make the content download up to four times faster than usual. Also, you can choose a file output format that makes the completed playlists immediately ready for importing into iTunes. (Windows/Mac)

6. Free YouTube Download

Boasting millions of installs and counting, this software is a longstanding and often-chosen choice. A feature lets you transfer the videos to iTunes and run the audio in a format that works on an iPhone or iPad, too. (Windows/Mac)

Enjoy YouTube Content in a Different Way

These six options facilitate transforming your favorite YouTube playlists into audio content. They’re easy to use and suit your desire to listen to YouTube material without frustration.