6 Free PDF Editors Online in 2018

September 18, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


You may need free PDF editors to quickly add something to an electronic form before sending it to your boss. Or, perhaps you work with PDFs regularly and can’t afford the expensive software packages that let you edit PDFs. In any case, here are some you can use to efficiently edit a PDF to meet your needs.

1. PDFescape

With PDFescape, you upload a PDF for editing, then you’ll see the document on the screen, along with numerous buttons that do different functions.

For example, while using this free PDF editor, you can draw on an electronic record by using your mouse cursor or add text in your preferred size and font. It’s even possible to upload an image, such as a picture of a product or your signature.

2. ApowerPDF

Considered one of the best choices for people who need a free PDF editor, this possibility could seem initially slightly misleading because it appears you need to download a full program.

However, what you download is merely an installer app. The PDF editor functions online after that. Just make sure to click the link for “Launch Online” if prompted.

You can split PDF pages or merge them, insert text and pictures and even create PDFs from scratch instead of only editing them. Perhaps you’re looking for an app that reduces your dependence on paper. If so, the online version of ApowerPDF is a wise choice.

3. Small PDF Editor

This tool is more stripped down than the others covered so far, but Small PDF Editor could easily meet the needs of people in search of a simple solution. After uploading a PDF, you can draw on it, add typed words or a picture or insert a shape. Once you choose one of those options and edit the PDF as desired, click the Apply button on the bottom right of the screen to confirm the edits.

4. PDFfiller

When people want to save money, they often look for free alternatives to popular software titles, such as Microsoft Word. You could consider PDFfiller as something comparable to many of the features offered with paid Adobe PDF products.

One handy feature of this tool that others often don’t have is the Erase option. If you make a mistake, that capability facilitates correcting it.

You can even add sticky notes, such as to annotate a document for colleagues to see. One thing to be aware of is that saving your documents with this tool requires creating an account by providing an email address.

After going through that step, you can export a saved, edited document in a variety of ways, like by sending it to an email account or via text message.

5. PDF Buddy

Great PDF editors can help you manage your paperwork by reducing the physical documents you have to keep track of and might worry about losing.

PDF Buddy is another possibility for people who need to edit their PDFs for free, and it offers numerous helpful features for those who want to use less paper. For example, you could sign a PDF in the tool or even apply virtual white-out paste.

After editing, it’s simple to create a folder on your computer that features those changed documents, making them easily accessible. Keep in mind, the free version of PDF Buddy only allows users to edit three documents per month. After that, you need to subscribe to a premium tier, making PDF Buddy best for light users.

6. Sejda Online PDF Editor

This online editor, which allows either working with an existing PDF or starting with a blank document that becomes a PDF, has most of the features the other tools on this list offer. However, it also permits creating new form fields, and there is a find and replace capability that could boost your productivity if you use this choice to correct a repeated error.

Like PDF Buddy, the Sejda Online PDF Editor imposes some usage restrictions for the free tier. The program is compatible with PDFs of up to 200 pages or 50 MB in size, but you can only perform three complimentary tasks each hour.

Accomplish Edits Without Time-Consuming Downloads or Costly Fees

Whether you work with PDFs purely for personal reasons or also within the scope of your job, this list will help you become more productive — especially since all but one of the options suggested here one don’t require downloading anything. You merely upload a document and wait for the editing tools to show up on the screen. They offer all or most features for no charge, too.