5 Time Tracking Software Programs (and Why You Should Use Them)

June 15, 2015 • Devin Partida


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Productivity in any business is always ready for assessment, and that’s where time tracking software saves the day. Whether you’re invoicing clients for your time or monitoring employee production, time tracking software helps you split up your working hours into management chunks of data. When choosing time tracking software, make sure you outline exactly what you need to monitor.

Modern software does more than just punch a timecard. If you’re monitoring staff, you might want random screenshots to check on who is really working, the ability to easily graph data for employee reviews or to explain time spent to clients. You may even want the ability to create invoices directly from your software.

What are the best options for you? Here’s a list of our top time tracking software:

1. Hubstaff

If you have an on-site or remote staff to manage and maintain productivity, Hubstaff provides a high level of flexibility. If you work with a team of freelancers, Hubstaff will enable you to limit the number of hours they’re allowed to work based on your budget. There’s also payroll integration; Hubstaff puts an end to manual payments.

Additional perks include:

  • Fine-tuned individual user settings
  • Screenshots
  • A manual time option
  • Monitor for idle time
  • API integration

Hubstaff puts an end to unproductive freelancers. Intrusive enough to get the job done without feeling stalky, Hubstaff provides a strong level of organizational management.

2. TimeDoctor

What are the odds that none of your employees wander to an off-topic website during the workday? If this is a concern for you, TimeDoctor provides a polite nudge to your employees with a popup letting them know that they’ve been on YouTube or Facebook for too long. It also, of course, lets them know that the boss is watching.

Additional perks include:

  • Detailed website and application monitoring
  • API integration
  • Client login – curious clients can review your employees too
  • Payroll
  • Project time breakdowns

TimeDoctor keeps your clients and your employees harmonized. If employee/company/client transparency is key to your company, learn more about TimeDoctor.

3. Screenshot Monitor

Perfect for a small company that needs to stay on top of employee productivity, Screenshot Monitor will track remote, freelance or office employees with – you guessed it – screenshots. This software is more lightweight than TimeDoctor or Hubstaff, especially since it runs even when offline.

Additional perks include:

  • Easy-to-read, customizable, reports
  • Effortless time and task-tracking
  • All reports are kept online – no installation from management needed
  • Activity level monitoring
  • Cost-effective

If your organization doesn’t have a lot of surplus to spend on productivity management, Screenshot Monitor is a good fit at just $5 a month.

4. Worksnaps

With a focus on remote and freelance employees, Worksnaps’ focus is on payment based on productivity. Unlike some time tracking software, Worksnaps allows management to see real-time data on your team. You’ll know in a glance if your contractors in France or Alaska are on Reddit or working.

Additional perks include:

  • Focus on remote workers
  • Visually track work details
  • Integrates with project management services like Basecamp and FreshBooks
  • Individual employee permissions
  • Billing tracker

Another screenshot-monitoring time tracker, WorkSnaps will help you up your freelancers’ efficiency.

5. TSheets

Perfect for companies with freelancers or contractors that are constantly in motion, TSheets allows mobile tracking, complete with GPS. Productivity peaks with GPS tracking, because you’ll be able to review routes taken to work on efficiency.

Additional perks include:

  • Employee alerts and reminders – no more incomplete timecards
  • Track sick and paid time off
  • Online time tracking with GPS
  • Mobile use encouraged
  • Payroll management based on real-time tracking
  • Job costing: Quick total cost of a job

The GPS tracking is the biggest perk with TSheets. Yes, it has a winning interface and employee reminders, but for companies with contractors or freelancers in the field, TSheets is a step ahead of the competition.

What other time tracking software tools do you use? Tell me about why you like them in the comments section below!