5 Speed Reading Apps You Need to Download

September 20, 2017 • Devin Partida


The hustle and bustle of the world you live in today demands a lot out of you.

You have many responsibilities you need to take care of, as well as an extensive list of distractions that are nagging for your attention at every twist and turn in your life. Your time is valuable, and this phrase gushes with the priority in 2017. So, with a slew of events and activities buzzing around your head, when do you fit in the time to read?

Reading can be a relaxing activity, and it can also be something that’s necessary for advancing your education or career. But if your children, email and everything else take up the bulk of your day, where do you find the time to crack open a book? Speed reading apps may be the savior you need in your life.

Now, you can read your books and absorb a large chunk of the information — quickly. Reading entire books within a couple of days is possible. However, which speed reading apps should you use? Which apps give you your money’s worth? Here is a look at five of them.

1. Spreeder

Spreeder is a fantastic speed reading app that provides a guided training course for people who want to learn how to speedread. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the skill with this app.

The app also acts as a social media platform. You can share your progress with your friends, and you can even recruit people to use Spreeder! It is perfect for beginners.

2. ReadMe!

For Android and iOS, the ReadMe! app is a speed reading app that gives you a few advanced features. One of these is the technology that recognizes the “optical recognition point” in an article or page. In a nutshell, the app can read up to 450 words per minute and selects the most important points. It’s a speed reading that’s done by the app itself.

It even features things such as bookmarks for your eBooks and varying color schemes. The Read Me! app is a winner.

3. Acceleread

This app functions much like the Spreeder app. It acts as a training course, gives tutorials on how to speed read on your own and also houses a significant number of exercises you can use. These exercises help test your strength in speed reading and grow your skill. You’ll increase your consumption of words, and your understanding of the material will improve over time.

You can also import any books you already have, and they transfer over to the training course. It’s a free app but requires a $4.99 purchase for an iPhone and $7.99 for the iPad if you want to unlock the full set of features.

4. Boba

Boba is a unique reading app, and it does some things the other apps do not. One of the more interesting features is the ability to customize the word count. You can choose how many words per minute you’re comfortable with to optimize your ability. You may even slowly increase the words per minute count once you learn how to read quicker.

Boba is for the Apple OS and is free. The only negative about the app is that you need to be online to speed read your favorite your articles.

5. Accelerator

For $2.99, Accelerator uses the RSVP method of speed reading. What this means is you get a series of words in rapid succession. Words become ripped from the article, and you can gather a sense of the concept of the article. It’s a great tool that gets used by many of these types of apps.

The app shines because you can grab anything from articles online to emails. It’s extremely versatile, and it’s one of the better apps for speed reading available on the market.

Get Ready to Improve Your Speed Reading Skills With These Apps

These apps contain diverse and unique ways in which to speed read. They each provide a special flair and use them to their advantage. If you want to learn to speed read or need an improvement for apps you already own, this list has you covered.