Business Productivity Software to Level Up Your Team

January 29, 2020 • Zachary Amos


Wondering if business productivity software could improve your team’s efficiency?

Productivity is the quality or state of being able to generate, enhance or bring forth products and services. Of course, any good manager wants his team to do just that. However, it can be difficult and overwhelming at times to manage all the tasks and goals you’ve set for yourself and others. Moreover, communicating and collaborating about those goals can pose a challenge. Luckily, there are many productivity software that can take you and your team to the next level.

1. ActivTrak

This business intelligence tool allows you to analyze team behavior and streamline operational efficiency. ActivTrak is easy to use and allows you to access data within minutes of signup. View organizational trends and pinpoint areas that may need improvement so that you can help future projects run more smoothly. Increase transparency and improve security as well by monitoring for suspicious behavior.

ActivTrak offers affordable pricing and avoids overbearing monitoring features.

2. Slack

Accelerate your internal communications with Slack. This system works in synchrony with Trello to update employees with due dates, assignments and checklists. Thanks to these programs, you can keep everything organized and ensure easy, efficient communication between yourself and team members. Join today for free to get started or choose the $8 per month plan to make Slack your main company hub for projects and communication.

3. Grammarly

This smart software minimizes editing time by correcting grammar, punctuation and spelling while you type. Grammarly even offers alternatives to commonly used words to make your writing more clear and concise. Install the extension from Google Chrome to receive corrections when drafting an email, writing a project review or even posting to social media.

Sign up for Grammarly Business to easily manage your team account and allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of Grammarly Premium.

4. Asana

Increase your team’s efficiency by 45% with Asana. This software program enables remote teams from various organizations to collaborate effortlessly. The dashboard allows you to see projects’ progress and offers an advanced set of search tools. It also encourages team accountability and boosts clarity among members. Plan better projects, track priority tasks and hit deadlines with Premium for about $12 per month.

5. Jira

One of the best product management software on the market, Jira allows team members to design and adapt the software to fit their needs. Prioritize and discuss your team’s work with complete visibility and improve performance based on real-time visual data.

Add and change workflows as your team grows and use Jira to plan sprints and assign tasks across your team. Small teams of 10 or fewer can sign up for free, but the program also offers plans for teams of up to 100 for just $7 per month.

Do You Need Productivity Software?

How often do you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list or all the random emails that never cease to pile up in your inbox? Or how many times have your incentives and encouragements to you team fallen on deaf ears? If you can relate to these struggles and feel that your company could use an efficiency boost, incorporating productivity software might be a wise decision

To successfully maintain your team members, manage incoming workflow and achieve your goals,  you need to maximize productivity.

Fortunately, software programs can help you do all that and more! Quality software will strengthen your command over projects, improve communication and collaboration, and help you organize tasks to maximize your time.

An excellent program will also allow you to gain insight into your team. Are your employees using company time wisely? Are they working efficiently and completing projects on time?  By supervising team members and monitoring their efforts, you can eliminate and prevent potential problems and promote a powerhouse of creativity.

So, if productivity software will focus you and your team’s efforts and help your business reach its full potential, it’s definitely something worth investing in.