5 Apps to Make Holiday Shopping Hassle Free

November 14, 2014 • Devin Partida


The holiday shopping season is almost here, and proactive people already have a head start on the procrastinators. You’re still not feeling in the holiday spirit, and you certainly aren’t ready to start checking items off your gift shopping list.

Thankfully, there are several apps that may help you have an attitude more akin to jolly old St. Nick than The Grinch. Here are some apps to download that’ll make present shopping more productive.

TGI Black Friday

app screenshot

One of the best things about this free app is it has a “My List” feature. This means you can compile all those must-have items in one place on your smartphone rather than keeping track of hastily scribbled paper lists.

Whether you’re looking forward to Black Friday sales or trying to steer clear of them, this app at least cuts down the time you have to spend scouring for shopping destinations. You can sort both by stores and types of products.

Tadd Car Finder


It’s an inevitable situation – you stroll out of the mall, loaded down with shopping bags. Suddenly, you realize you forgot where you parked.

Thankfully, this can be a thing of the past. Just download the Tadd Car Finder app before setting out on your shopping excursions. Available for the iPhone, it uses GPS technology to remember the location of your vehicle, even when you can’t.


Flipp screenshot

Consider this iPhone-exclusive app the equivalent of getting all those holiday savings flyers delivered to your doorstep – no ink and paper required. Hundreds of merchants upload their sales papers to the Flipp app, allowing you to sort through them at your leisure.

Now you can look at what’s on sale the night before a big shopping day, or try to make sense of which items to buy before walking into a particular store.

Black Friday 2014 App with Black Friday Ads, Thanksgiving Sales and Holiday Shopping Deals


Developed by BuyVia, this app has a long official name, but it’s much more streamlined than you might expect. Although the app is packed with information, it’s all well organized, so you won’t spend more time trying to find deals than sorting them. It’s also possible to filter by local or national merchants, which is helpful if you want to support shops in the community this year.

The Raise.com App

app screenshot

Raise.com is an online marketplace that sells gift cards for less than face value. That alone is convenient if you’re trying to settle on a gift for that person who seems to have everything. The website just released a mobile app as well.

When you purchase a gift card in the app, your smartphone receives a barcode for the card that can be scanned at over 750 stores. Since you bought the gift card for less than it’s worth, think of this handy app as a way to save on anything a store offers.

Other Possibilities

Besides the specialty apps mentioned here, don’t overlook apps that publish enticing deals, whether or not it’s holiday season. Amazon, Slickdeals and RetailMeNot are just a few examples of apps designed to help you find out about a fantastic deal before it’s too late.

Let’s face it – you either view the necessity of holiday shopping with abundant excitement or a looming sense of dread. Thankfully, these apps should help you make a list, check it twice, save money on gifts, and still have time left in your day to reward yourself with a steaming cup of cocoa.