5 Apps to Help Manage Your Paperwork

November 25, 2014 • Devin Partida


Do you struggle to manage your paperwork? Benjamin Franklin famously heralded the benefits of organization by stressing the importance of “a place for everything, and everything in its place.”

When it comes to succeeding in business, some sort of organizational structure is necessary to make the most of brilliant ideas and vital projects.

Luckily, several apps offer incredibly useful services that both declutter your virtual paperwork piles and add structure to those stubborn heaps of lists and notes.

1. Noteshelf

noteshelf app

With Noteshelf, you can easily jot down notes, draft documents and proposals or brainstorm ideas using colorful designs and layouts for added creativity. This app even allows you to create, sign and print business contracts. The editing and artistic features of the app make it perfectly tailored for marketing and advertisement design, plus it allows documents to be catalogued for a unique storage solution. If you prefer to protect your notes from others, this handy tool allows password protection for your secret files.

2. LastPass

Lastpass app

Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting a password, and with so many requirements for special characters, numbers and capitalization, keeping track of the ones you have and creating passwords for new accounts is both time-consuming and redundant.

Fortunately, LastPass allows you to bypass that hassle with its password storage and generation abilities. Security-focused, LastPass is an excellent option for both individuals and businesses that need quick access to accounts along with intricate passwords.

This app is an excellent resource for keeping your accounts managed without the assortment of sticky notes under your keyboard.

3. Corkulous Pro

corkulous app

Forget Pinterest. With Corkulous Pro, you can visually brainstorm ideas and images on a corkboard interface that allows you to save and organize boards by subject matter. Especially useful for brainstorming, project and event planning and goal management, you can even share your boards with coworkers, family and friends.

This app also lets you build numerous boards for convenient multitasking among projects. Where else can you combine images and notes so collectively without the need for a physical corkboard taking up space on your office wall?

4. Docady

docady app

Docady is a useful storage app that allows you to manage any and all paperwork in your life and atop your desk space. By using your phone’s camera as a scanner to snap photos of any documents, notes and scribbles you wish to save, Docady automatically organizes and manages the files with impressive high-security measures.

Organize paperwork by categories such as work, personal, grocery, financial … whatever you may need. As an added benefit, this useful app doubles as a personal assistant by notifying you of upcoming deadlines and renewal dates. The best part? It’s completely free.

5. CamScanner

cam scanner app

Sometimes, you need access to a scanner, but you’re away from your office and scanning equipment. CamScanner is the ideal solution for scanning on the go. Simply photograph the document(s) you wish to scan with your phone’s camera, allowing it to be digitized for quick sharing and syncing among necessary contacts.

Files are easily saved in PDF format, and security measures allow for vital password protection on documents as needed. This is an excellent resource for businesses and individuals alike, and it eliminates the need for scanner space at your home office in particular.

These apps are all ideal ways to organize not only your office space, but also your mind. As English author A.A. Milne once stated, “Organization is what you do before you do something so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”

In order to achieve the most out of your work projects and creative process, simply consider the effectiveness that organization techniques can offer in your life. Less clutter equates to less stress, and stress-management is one of the most important measures you can take to boost your overall job performance.