4 Ways to Maximize Your Success When Using Apps That Make Money

May 24, 2021 • Shannon Flynn


Today’s internet applications offer dozens of ways to increase your bank account balance. Whether you sign up for an app that lets you proofread text, take photos or sell stuff, those are all legitimate ways to take part in productive activities with apps that make money.

Have you ever wondered why some people make impressively substantial amounts of cash with these apps, and others never generate enough money to conclude that their usage was time well spent? These tips can help you improve the likelihood of falling into the first category — no matter how you choose to earn income with applications. 

1. Read and Abide by the Terms of Service

Apps that make money have associated terms of service (TOS) documents that dictate particulars such as the legal ways to use the application, how a person can withdraw funds and anything they must do to keep their accounts open and active. 

The internet is full of complaints from people who say they got app accounts canceled for “no reason.” The trouble is that the TOS often includes extremely vague language, such as that a company can close your account for “misuse” without clarifying what that entails. Then, the account closure seems unreasonable, but a person’s actions ultimately fell under the company’s broad, vague umbrella. 

One user of Fiverr — which lets people make money by completing tasks or offering services — says his account got canceled after reporting a suspected violation of the TOS that a seller he did business with committed. 

That user had three total TOS violations across a decade, and that was enough to get his account closed after the latest incident. You can’t always stop those outcomes, such as if the  document’s language does not provide specifics. However, you’re more likely to act in ways that keep your account usable by familiarizing yourself with what the TOS require. 

2. Track Your Income and Set Goals

If you’ve been interacting with apps that make money for a while, you probably have had a few weeks where it seemed they were among your most profitable ever. When your payment arrived, however, it was a different story. 

You can prevent that unpleasant scenario by maintaining a running of expected income. For example, after completing a task with a set payout, add the amount to your total earned for the week. Plenty of apps exist that can help you stay accurate with the calculations. However, if you prefer to keep things simple, start a ledger-based system with paper and a pen.

Aim to get a clear idea of what constitutes a “good” week for you. Did you work with apps that make money for four hours or 40? Did you make totals in the hundreds or the thousands? Avoid defining your success based on others’ results. It’s easy to find examples of people who say they make their entire income with apps that make money. Maybe it took them five years of hard work to get to that point, however. 

Once your data shows a snapshot of the desired outcome, consider the likelihood of achieving it consistently. Do you spread your time across several apps and find there is plenty of work available? Does it seem like you have time for little else that you want to do when you rack up the highest weekly totals?

Next, set income-related goals that feel challenging but not frustrating. At the end of every week, compare the money earned with your goal. You can note it in one line by saying something like “Goal = $100.00 (+ $17).” In that example, you hoped to make $100 and earned $117. Looking at your results in a methodical way like this allows you to examine what factors bring success and figure out how to repeat those elements to enjoy ongoing profitability.

3. Try To Give Your Best-Quality Results With Every Attempt

Maybe you take surveys to increase your bank account balance through apps that make money. Perhaps you write content for clients or act as a secret shopper to see whether workers engage with you in the ways their employers require. 

Whatever the case, you’ll probably need to follow specific rules or specifications to receive payment. Never rush through reading them and assume you know what to do without verifying that’s true. Understanding the instructions is the first step to doing your best work.

Think about how you can impress the people behind the apps that make money, too. Going back to the survey-taking example, it’s probably not a good idea to answer open-ended questions with short answers such as “I’m not sure” or “No comment.” You’re getting money for offering something that other people want or need. Do everything you can to show that you’ll do your best at every opportunity. 

Having a conscientious attitude when interacting with apps that make money is a smart way to increase your likelihood of having lots of work available. Some apps have rating systems that reflect your performance. Taking the time to understand the task at hand and what you need to do to excel with it will put you in an excellent position for increasing your earning potential. 

4. Work on Your People Skills

You may think that using apps to make money will give you a life free from the ups and downs that come with interpersonal communications. However, that’s not necessarily true. 

For example, even if your chosen app has a system where you browse the available tasks and pick one, there will almost certainly be instances where you have to get clarification, negotiate the rate or talk to someone about your capabilities. That means you should spend time improving how you converse with people, even if all the communications happen online. 

Many apps that make money for their users require the workers to convince others to become their clients. If you’re using an application like that, there are some straightforward, effective ways to impress people who hire you. 

Start by staying organized. Clients will notice the results of your organizational efforts because you’ll be more able to finish projects on-time, to specifications and with a high level of quality. Organization can come into play when you make arrangements with clients. For example, someone might offer to pay you double the usual rate for a rush assignment. When you’re well-organized, it’s easier to gauge if you can accept that offer or need to turn it down. 

Showing appreciation for your clients goes a long way, too. Taking the time to thank someone after finishing a job helps you stick in their memory. If they also like your work, they’ll probably consider hiring you again. 

Help Things Work in Your Favor

Feeling satisfied when using apps to make money is about much more than getting lucky. By using these suggestions, you’ll increase the chances of making those applications worthwhile for supporting your income aspirations.