10 Augmented Reality Apps for Smartphones

May 18, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


Augmented reality is becoming more accessible by the day, especially with the abundance of augmented reality apps for smartphones already available. AR often incorporates superimposed computer-generated images on your view of reality, forming a composite view augmenting the real world. Augmented reality apps range from virtual showrooms to interactive maps and multiplayer games.

If you want to start harnessing your smartphone’s AR capabilities, consider exploring these ten augmented reality apps.

1. Mondly

Mondly is a free language learning app for iPhone and Android. The app incorporates both virtual and augmented reality. The AR portion activates upon tapping the “AR” button, telling you to find a flat surface. Upon detecting the flat surface, the app will bring forth your AR language teacher.

Mondly bridges the effective, natural feel of learning a language in the presence of someone else, even if that someone else is the byproduct of AR.

2. American Airlines

American Airlines’ app is available for free on iPhone, with some promising future developments in AR. Apple’s recent promotion of a feature in development by American Airlines turns the app into an active map at the airport, with overlaid real-time information and a camera-based guide to lead travelers to their departing gate.

3. Chalk

Chalk is a free iPhone app that takes video conferencing to the next level. The app enables both members to use their rear-facing camera, so they can get help on tools or equipment they need help fixing. Users can even draw using a finger or stylus to note specific locations. Each user doodles in a different color, to clarify the person asking the question and the one answering the question.

4. Food Network

The official app for the Food Network is free for iPhone. The app notably utilizes Food Network’s In the Kitchen AR Kit app to let you decorate virtual desserts and share them. You can find an empty plate and place a variety of AR desserts on the plate, decorating to your heart’s content. It’s fun for sharing with friends and finding some culinary inspiration of your own.

5. Ink Hunter

Tattoo enthusiasts will love Ink Hunter, an AR app free for iPhone and Android that lets you try on virtual tattoos. Since tattoos are a permanent choice, the app’s ability to project any tattoo design enables you to gauge how the tattoo looks before making the big decision and investment. There are also features to edit your tattoo and share your results.

6. WallaMe

WallaMe is a free app for iPhone and Android that lets users tag hidden messages throughout the world, with those messages only viewable to other users of WallaMe. It’s a funny and fun way to hide private messages or create scavenger hunts for friends. Drawing and painting tools combine with geo-location technology and sharing features to result in a fun and collaborative form of AR.

7. Amikasa

Amikasa is a free iPhone app that lets users draw their dream designs. Furniture is bulky and expensive so that a mistake can be very costly. Amikasa has a host of furniture and decor from real brands, incorporating those designs with augmented reality to provide an accurate view of how specific furniture or decor will look in your space.

8. Just a Line

Just a Line is a free Android app that lets users take the role of a director with AR capabilities. You can make drawings in augmented reality and then incorporate the drawing within the video clip. Share your work of art and perhaps show the world the next prominent director in action, without the extra cameras, providing for a more sustainable, environmentally-conscious method.

9. Google Goggles

Free for Android, Google Goggles enables users to interact with the world by pointing their phone at a famous landmark, barcode, QR code, product or image, and Google will pull up more information from its database. Think of it as a virtual tour guide that utilizes AR, in action.

10. Augmented Car Finder

If you ever forget where you parked your car, free iPhone app Find Your Car is a great solution. The AR app provides an augmented reality view to help you find your car location, in addition to noting how far away it is and when you parked there. Actually, you can use this app to track other belongings, too, beyond your car — including people.

These 10 apps all offer something unique and appealing while showcasing the power of augmented reality in action.