Apple is Creating a Huge New iPad

May 21, 2015 • Devin Partida


When Apple announced it would be reversing the persistent trend of creating smaller and smaller screen sizes for its tablet devices in August last year, many were initially sceptical. Now, the rumors have been confirmed.

Apple Inc. is indeed developing an all-new iPad featuring a massive 12.9-inch display, commonly referred to as the iPad Pro by enthusiasts and members of the media.

As yet, the schedule for release is unknown, though a number of new features have been announced. The future product will incorporate a pressure-sensitive Bluetooth stylus accessory, a standardized USB charging port and connector as well as support for Force Touch input.

While tap-to-pay functionality may be missing from the iPad come launch, the inclusion of near-field communication should facilitate Apple Pay transactions, according to AppleInsider.

This, coupled with an array of quick response options and the company’s latest A-series processor, will make the iPad Pro a suitable choice for business owners, entrepreneurs and others looking to increase their output.

Product Repositioning and Mobile Productivity

A recent report from IDC theorized that the decision to expand upon the iPad’s size and features may have been linked to falling demand from within the global tablet market.

Initially, the lifecycles of tablet devices were meant to resemble that of smartphones, with replacement occurring every few years as technological improvements paved the way for clearly defined upgrade paths. Up until now, that hadn’t really happened.

The iPad Pro represents a leap forward in the evolution of the product line, allowing it to compete with laptop computers on a much larger scale. So how can users benefit from the introduction of this supposed repositioned frontrunner?

Keep the Home Screen Organized

If the iPad Pro has the potential to become anything like your desktop, you’ll understand the importance of good organization and in keeping the home screen free of needless clutter. You’ll have more room than ever before, so keep your apps in check.

Take Advantage of Productivity Apps

Just as Google and Microsoft have been able to engineer their 12-inch tablet displays with productivity in mind – referring to Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, respectively – Apple will undoubtedly offer some excellent apps.

In fact, CEO Tim Cook has been able to confirm as much in a recent statement when the company partnered with IBM in 2014.


Complete the Workstation Setup

Like those before it, the iPad Pro should come preinstalled with the essential calendar, calculator, email and timer apps that are designed to help you get the most out of your day and the device. Just make sure you take advantage of those and download whatever else you think you’ll need.

Install a Second Screen App

Perhaps the most convincing argument in support of the Apple’s new device is the fact that its sheer size will allow it to function as an external monitor via specific apps that are designed to create relationships between your desktop and tablet.

Find a Bluetooth Keyboard

With its 12.9-inch display, the iPad Pro is designed to meet your productivity needs. You’ll be able to work much more efficiently if you replace the on-screen keyboard with its physical counterpart.

Besides increasing your tablet experience, you’ll find that the combination of technology is enough to replace your laptop entirely when you’re at and away from the office.

Put the iPad Pro Features to Use

Don’t forget, this particular device is somewhat of a departure from what you would have seen or used previously. The Force Touch feature alone will provide additional sets of options when pressure is applied to the touch screen, but what those will be is anyone’s guess.

Ultimately, the amount of use you’ll be able to get out of the device will depend on your willingness to integrate the iPad Pro into your work life. Suffice it to say there will be features enough to satisfy most users.