How To Prepare for Amazon Kindle Black Friday Deals

November 22, 2023 • Shannon Flynn


Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is one of the biggest shopping days of the year in the United States. It’s a golden opportunity for tech enthusiasts to snag amazing deals on gadgets and electronics. This year, keep your eyes peeled for Amazon Kindle Black Friday deals.

The e-reader offers unmatched convenience and features, making it a book lover’s go-to choice. From high-resolution screens to long-lasting batters, it packs a punch and Black Friday is the perfect time to get one at a discounted price.

Why Kindle?

You might wonder why Kindle devices are so popular in the e-reader market. In 2021, the industry logged 396.4 million US dollars in market revenue worldwide. They offer a seamless reading experience that’s difficult to beat.

Kindles come with e-ink technology, mimicking the look of actual paper and reducing eye strain. They’re also incredibly lightweight, making carrying a whole library easy. But what sets it apart is its unique features.

With options like adjustable text size, a built-in dictionary and a “read aloud” feature, Kindle tailors the reading experience to your needs. In addition, the latest models offer waterproof designs and backlighting, allowing you to read anywhere — from a sunny beach to your cozy bed at night.

What to Consider When Buying a Kindle

There’s more to consider than the price tag when buying a Kindle. This section will walk you through factors that can help you choose which model fits your lifestyle best.

Battery Life

One of its biggest perks is the freedom to read anywhere, anytime. But that freedom stops if you’re constantly hunting for an outlet to charge your device. That’s why a long-lasting battery is crucial for an uninterrupted reading experience. 

Most Kindle models offer weeks of battery life on a single charge to immerse yourself in your favorite stories without a second thought. It’s a must for avid readers like you, especially during travel or long commutes.

Screen Quality

When picking the right Kindle, the Paperwhite and Oasis models stand out for different reasons. The Kindle Paperwhite is known for its high-resolution screen and waterproof design, making it a great all-rounder. On the other hand, the Kindle Oasis offers ergonomic design features and physical buttons for page-turning, catering to the most avid readers.

A vital commonality between both models is their black and white screens. These monochrome screens are a breath of fresh air in a world saturated with colorful digital displays. They help you cut down on daily screen time and reduce eye strain.

Reading on a black-and-white screen offers fewer distractions and can make for a more focused and enjoyable reading experience. So, when choosing between Paperwhite and Oasis, remember that both offer this beneficial feature.


Basic models generally start with 8GB of storage, which is ample space for thousands of books. For most casual readers, it should be more than enough to build an extensive library.

However, if you’re into graphic-heavy titles like comics or magazines or want to have your audiobooks handy, you might want to consider upgrading. Some models offer storage options up to 32GB. This extra space can be a lifesaver for literature enthusiasts who need room for multimedia files.

So, evaluate your reading preferences and the types of content you consume. That way, you can choose the storage capacity that’s just right for you, primarily as you hunt for Amazon Kindle Black Friday deals.

Anticipated Amazon Kindle Black Friday Deals

Based on past Black Friday events, it’s a safe bet that Amazon will offer substantial discounts on its Kindle lineup. In 2022, the Kindle Oasis was available from $279.99 to $184.99, a $95 value for the high-end model. Meanwhile, favored models — like the Kindle Paperwhite — saw a 32% markdown from $139.99 to $94.99.

Bundle deals, which include accessories like covers or chargers, also tend to surface, giving you more bang for your buck. Moreover, don’t wait until the actual day to start your Kindle deal hunting!

Black Friday deals have been kicking off before the official data in recent years. Amazon often launches “Early Black Friday Deals” or “Countdown to Black Friday” promotions as early as the beginning of November.

Kindle Accessories Worth the Investment

Accessories significantly elevate your reading experience. Take covers, for example. They protect your device and double as stands, making hands-free reading a breeze. Some even come with built-in lights to ensure you can read comfortably in any setting.

Clip-on reading lights are another popular accessory. These are perfect for late-night reading sessions when you don’t want to disturb anyone around you. Stands are also convenient, especially if you like to read while eating or cooking — they hold your Kindle at the perfect angle for easy viewing.

During extended reading sessions, they also allow you to read at eye level, reducing neck and wrist strain. It makes stands a worthwhile investment, especially for those who devour books for hours at a time.

Black Friday is often a great time to pick up these accessories at discounted prices. You’ll find it on sale whether you’re eyeing a sleek leather cover or a multi-functional stand. So, when scouting for Kindle Deals, don’t forget to check out the accessories.

How to Get the Best Kindle Deals

Timing is everything when it comes to snagging the best deals. While early promotions start in November, some of the steepest discounts often go live a few days before Black Friday or Thanksgiving Day. Don’t forget Cyber Monday, either — it’s another chance to score last-minute deals.

Amazon will be your primary go-to for these deals but don’t overlook other retail partners like Best Buy, Target and Walmart. They often match the platform’s prices and may throw bonuses or bundles.

Regarding bundles, they’re one of the most enticing deal types you’ll encounter. Bundles often include a Kindle device plus accessories like a cover, charger or an Amazon gift card, all for a lower price than buying individually.

Refurbished options are another smart choice. These are previously owned devices in like-new condition and come with a warranty. You’ll also find discounts on add-ons like stylish covers and reading lights.

Get Ready for Kindle Savings

Black Friday is truly the ideal time to invest in a Kindle. With substantial discounts on the devices and a range of accessories, you can get more for your money. Remember, the sales often start early and extend through Cyber Monday, offering multiple savings opportunities.

So, don’t miss out! Keep your eyes peeled for Amazon Kindle Black Friday deals and start prepping your shopping list now. With some research and timely action, you could soon enjoy a brand-new Kindle and vastly improved reading experience.