Achieve Personal Growth: What Not to Do

April 24, 2018 • Rehack Team


Do you want to achieve personal growth? A lot of that can happen in your twenties.

If you want to achieve personal growth, you need dedication. You don’t have to accomplish all your goals when you’re in your twenties — life is supposed to be about exploration and change — but you can get started on the path to success.

When you’re in your twenties, you’re still young and figuring life out, but it’s not too early to think about the future and work toward your dreams to achieve personal growth. This is a good time to discover who you are and who you want to be.

There are a variety of different things you can do to achieve personal growth. Below are some things not to do to put you on the path to success.

1. Forget Who You Are

When you’re in your twenties, the environment and your friends shape you. Often, to feel accepted and connected to others, you may change your behaviors. This is a mistake.

When you act to make others happy, you probably aren’t doing things that make you happy, which can lead to depression and insecurity. Be yourself in all things. Those who truly appreciate the real you will stick around like the best of friends. Those who don’t weren’t worth your time anyway.

2. Keep Toxic People Around

Like changing your behaviors to impress others, keeping toxic people in your life will take its toll on your emotions and motivation. It’s not easy to get rid of toxic individuals, but you have to have firm boundaries so they can’t suck away your joy and future aspirations.

3. Stay in Your Comfort Zone

It’s comfortable for a reason, but staying here won’t allow you to grow and achieve your dreams. You have to face your fears and go out into the world to figure out who you truly are, who you want to be and how to overcome any obstacles that get in your way. In the end, you’ll discover strengths and skills you never knew you had, and that will help you grow personally.

4. Believe That Good Things Will Be Handed to You

Everyone in the world wants to have the easy life handed to them. They want to do as little as possible but still reap the rewards. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us, that’s not how life works. If you want something, you have to work for it. You must put in the time, effort and dedication to achieve your goals. Knowing this early in life will allow you to prepare for the work ahead.

5. Wing It

While there are some aspects of life that can be done on a whim, planning for your future and your dreams isn’t one of them. Having a plan will help you determine the steps you need to take for success. It will also help you know when you’ve accomplished your goal so you can sit back and enjoy the moment.

6. Have an Open-Ended Time Frame

While some goals and aspirations could take longer to achieve than others, it’s a good idea to have a timeline in mind when working to achieve your dreams. This will keep you motivated and on task. If you miss your deadline, that’s okay. At least you’ll learn from the process. Deadlines and timelines are important and will hold you accountable.

Start Your Growth Journey

You’re still young when you’re in your twenties, and you have a lifetime ahead of you to decide what it is you want to do. However, it’s the best time to begin your personal growth journey and develop a plan and habits that will allow you to be successful later in life.