8 Best Tech Podcasts You Should Listen To

February 19, 2019 • Shannon Flynn


Podcasts open up a world of opportunities to learn about new things or capitalize on your interests. If you can’t get enough of technology or want to stay updated about new developments in the field, a podcast is a great place to start. Here are some of the best tech podcasts to check out:

1. Reply All

This podcast features relevant stories about how tech impacts people’s lives — for better or worse. Robocalls, niche websites and hacks are among the things covered. Most episodes focus on one person or subject, helping you get engrossed in the content and follow the story. After listening, you’ll likely have a new appreciation for how our lives wouldn’t be the same without tech and the capabilities it offers.

2. This Week in Tech

Leo Laporte, the host of this podcast, records it live every Sunday, ensuring people can stay up to date on the latest things going on in tech. Laporte also gives listeners balanced perspectives, since each show features a roundtable discussion of the topics covered as other experts weigh in with their thoughts.

Many tools exist to help people find the best new music, and you can consider this podcast as the tech equivalent to your favorite place to discover tunes. It’s even possible to watch the podcast as well as listen to it.

3. Fixed That for You

This podcast only launched in 2019, but it’s well worth a listen due to the applicable subject matter. It delves into how people solve problems with algorithms and data. Cara Santa Maria is the host, and you get new episodes every other Monday.

Most people are aware that big data presents possibilities for doing things differently. The nice thing about this podcast is that it gives you a glimpse of the diversity of those opportunities.

4. Defensive Security

The internet has become a playground for cybercriminals seeking to steal data, hack into systems, send fraudulent emails and wreak other kinds of havoc in the online world. Here’s a podcast that profiles recent breaches, plus goes over strategies to keep cybercriminals out.

Plus, if you go to the podcast’s website after hearing an episode, you can learn more about the content mentioned in the broadcast. There are links to articles for further reading. Listening to this podcast should remind you that the internet can be a dangerous place, but there are strategies to keep hackers at bay.

5. IoT Podcast — Internet of Things

This podcast doesn’t offer a creative name, but it immediately lets you know what to expect regarding the content. If you love learning about the most popular Alexa skills, the newest smart home offerings and tech startups that offer Internet of Things (IoT) tech, this podcast is for you.

Each episode covers a variety of IoT topics, making it ideal if you want to keep tabs on how the industry is evolving and what to expect in the near future. Subscribe to this podcast and look forward to new content every week.

6. Ctrl Alt Delete

Emma Gannon hosts this podcast and discusses peoples’ relationships with the internet. The tech sector is notoriously male-dominated, as are some of the best tech podcasts. However, Gannon is changing that with her mostly female guests and worthy personal perspectives.

Gannon is also an author, and one of her favorite things to write about is the impact of tech on the workplace. As such, don’t be surprised if the material mentioned in the podcast ventures into the subject of using technology in the workplace.

7. Crypto 101

Have you been itching to get into cryptocurrency but feel unsure how to get started? This podcast lives up to its name by giving cryptocurrency-related material for everyday people. When tuning in, you’ll receive insights from crypto experts as they provide their opinions about new developments and persistent trends in cryptocurrencies.

This podcast typically offers new material multiple times per week. That means you’ll consistently have fresh content to enjoy while you drive to work, cook dinner or do other things.

8. TechStuff

Count on this podcast to keep you informed about tech trends of the past and present. For example, some of the recent episodes discussed IBM’s Think 2019 conference, but another episode talked about the rise and fall of the VCR. There was one that brought up legacy technology and how it seemingly never dies, as well.

If you’re a tech enthusiast who wants a broad overview of notable information, consider this one of the best podcasts to check out. Since it doesn’t stick to only one topic or a few, it’s ideal for people with varied tech-related interests.

It’s Easy to Enrich Your Podcast-Listening Experiences

No matter if you haven’t started listening to podcasts at all or want to get acquainted with a few new tech-centric ones, this list will help.

You can subscribe to any that seem interesting by going directly to each podcast’s site or subscribing from apps like Spotify or iTunes. Then, just sit back and be prepared to learn something new.